Marvel & DC concepts for future characters

Any comic book character concepts KI can use for future games?

If you’ve watched CW’s superhero shows, maybe there are some things they can use.

Arrow & Flash most likely.

They don’t have a speedster yet since MK’s Kabal.


Psylocke would be excellent. My vote would also go for gambit. He uses a bo staff and fires kinetic cards/projectiles

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Cinder has…

Pyro & Firestorm’s_Legends_of_Tomorrow_promo.png/revision/latest?cb=20160130163122

A sai character like Elektra.

An archer like Marvel’s Hawkeye & DC’s archers - Green Arrow, Speedy, Huntress, Artemis & the Dark Archer Merlyn

Anyone thought of adding the Black & White Canaries?

For once I think Ultratech should add super soldiers - the human kind, into their ranks with the Fulgores & Stalkers.

Since TJ Combo’s DNA alteration, instead of bionics, they should make some sort of super soldier serum. Like Captain America.

Is there any Marvel & DC concepts in Gargos? Like…

Later antagonists, they oughta have something like…

I just watched Justice League Dark

I’m thinking for future characters:

John Constantine

A detective like that can have a mix of Sherlock Holmes, Rorschach, The Question & Batman. With a mix of detective’s deduction and knowledge of the occult.


We need more magic users! A magician like Zatanna can fit in.


Guess we already got a ghost character. Like Hisako, an onryo (Japanese ghost)

Swamp Thing


Black Orchid:

They don’t have a fighter that stretches yet. Like Mr. Fantastic & Elongated Man