MANUALS in Season 3

Okay so I’ve been thinking about manuals for season 3 ever since I heard about them being normalized like Jago’s advantage(adv) on hit/block. I have been worried for characters such as Jago/Shadow Jago/Omen because part of their Instinct Mode gives them advantage to execute moves during combos they couldn’t normally do. Since I main Omen, I think the manual options i have are marvelous (contrary to common belief) and if the manuals get normalized then how will the adv on hit/block be useful to me BESIDES for block strings?

I’ve also been thinking about how the timing will be affected, will the delay for auto-doubles be longer (meaning do I have to wait slightly longer to input my manual or do i have to wait the same amount of time?). Part of this topic is just to get peoples opinion on the manual changes in season 3 and how they affect game-play, the other half is a question to anyone who knows about them from the season 3 update back at KI World Cup.

All the manuals are already normalized in terms of what strength of linkers can be followed by what strength of manuals. All they’re doing for Season 3 is making sure that everyone can do the same thing as Jago where they can get an auto-double rather than nothing if their manual is too early, which is actually advantageous for everyone.
Apart from that, the only other sorts of normalizing I see are the things they fixed that break the rules already in place, i.e. heavy manual command normals after medium linkers for a few characters.

The new manual options in instinct isn’t too weird, believe it or not. Jago/Shago get new strings, Wulf and Tusn can cancel stuff, Sadira has Webs while Orchid has cats/grenades, Thunder can spirit dash into some stuff, Hisako gets her Wrath manuals, ARIA’s bodies get even more useful as assists,TJ gets all sorts of new juggles and other such stuff, Maya gets new dagger combos, and of course Omen’s plethora of fireballs let him go nuts.
Instinct is supposed to let characters do things they normally couldn’t, so I don’t think they’re going to take that away or try change it too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Apologies in advance if I misinterpreted what you’re asking. :sweat_smile: Just trying to help

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