Manual Training Mode?

In my opinion, manuals are one of the most difficult things to master in KI. They have very strict timing, and I feel like there is no good way of practicing that timing. You can, of course, constantly retry the dojo challenge for them, but that is really impracticable. You could also just go into training mode, but I still feel like that isn’t good enough, since it does not assist the player with proper timing. So I suggest we add a manual training mode to help players get better. I feel it would be similar to the combo breaker training mode, but just for manuals.


I wouldn’t hold my breath. I recommend going into the lab and working on the really easy ones first, like jump+HK->HK or something. Once you have a feel for that you’ve got a pretty good idea of the theory behind manuals, and you can basically just go from there practicing there other forms.

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Would be a cool feature to add. Specially if IG and ms are planning more seasons. It would allow newer folk to train and start getting real good alot quicker

Just set the dummy to auto block and attempt a manual, if you get an auto double or nothing you pressed the button too early, if they block your normal you did it too late. Just narrow it down and find the timing from there.

Good point

Really? I never really had a problem with manuals. I didn’t even know I was doing them till I got the achievement. But yeah, I would assume that going into the normal training mode and tweaking some of the AI settings should help with learning anything really.

Its actually quite easy once you realize its the “after” the manual that is the hardest part.

Make sure that while you are hitting the manual button that you are already preparing to do the linker motion during the manual and then basically “plink” the button for the linker.

Start with light manuals after shadow linker, thats the easiest, then move to medium, then heavy.

Once you have that down start doing the same 3 after heavy linkers.

Then work on light and medium after medium linkers and finally lights after light linkers.

But remember to keep it going in a combo, be prepared to quickly link in that linker by buffering and plinking after during/after the manual.

Use this along with SithLords practice dummy idea and you should be doing them in one day.