Manual Fireball Tech

This does work with Shadow Jago as well, but you need to surge the fireball in order to manual after. However, this seems more suited for Jago, because he has an easier time to manual/cash out damage than this Shadow counterpart.

All you need is three normal hits (or four) xx Instinct Cancel xx manual xx fireball xx manual… repeat until satisfied.


Did you know you can manual a heavy off a heavy Endokuken? It’s very cool, and stylish.

For this… idk, couldn’t get the timing down. Seems a little difficult.

@FinchoMatic With or without Instinct? There’s a strict timing for No Instinct.

with, because you can do it with instinct (while it would be beneficial for manual terms), the +2 hit stun added isn’t on these combos, making it harder to break.

Yeah. It just takes practice. You’ll get it.