Mandrill's Art book! (Updated with the roster)

Just wanted to share some of the art that my dad and I do.

The ones below are all Characters from my book which is a WIP.

I’ll tell him my designs and he brings them to life.

Have at thee!
Eager, Brave, a young war god who seeks to prove himself

A Mysterious Woman, born from royalty, reduced to a scavenger and a psycho

Colder than a blizzard, Son of a Sovereign,
He trusts no one on his quest of hatred

Leader of the Rebellion, a flirtatious magician who wields many magicks

Co-founder of the rebellion, Strong and robust, he is the best you companion
you could find

Exiled from her home, lacks any shame, This licentious demon holds the secret to the enemy’s
true plan

Unstable and Destructive, He fears no man, because he himself is not one of them

Gou Shou
Found in the prairies, has the power of dragons and loyalty of a mutt

Stoic as a mountain, foreign to this land, a sentinel who guards a castle full of history

The last of his kind, a veteran in the war against the centaurs, he stands tall despite his losses.

Of royal blood, usurped in an unfair trial, a feral youth who has been cast out from his home

Died tragically in marsh of a ravine, cursed by powerful spells, an undead corpse with a body strong as steel…

The Undefeated man, the ancient myth, the mysterious mirage, only to appear before strong and righteous warriors….

A prehistoric beast who seeks forgiveness from his gods, but will he ever get it? That remains to be seen…

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All Artwork belongs to Lucas Carbone AKA Mandrill Maniac

EDIT: Since I am currently unable to scan these, the pics are really low quality. Sorry bout that.

EDIT: Updated the roster on the OP.


Forgot to tag @Dayv0 lol.

And now that while I’m thinking I thinking about it:


I feel Wanda would be interested in this.


These are really neat! Are they charcoal drawings?

They’re drawn with oil/pit pencils.


These are excellent, amazing, and awesome drawings man :grin: :smile:

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Nice work!

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Why do I want to see varias’ dash tho lol

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LOL. He does stumble a lot in the book. I doubt he could go into a full sprint.

Lol or ground slide dash like spinal lol

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lol Imagine.

Next two drawings are up:

Kalena the Special Shaman

Coda the Primal One

Random question:

Would you guys like me to provide my backstories for these guys?

Edit: Added some last minute details to Coda. So he got updated.


Yes! Why is it that this is off-topic by the way? It should be in the Art thread.

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It isn’t KI Art. So I thought it wouldn’t belong there.

But If One of the mods wants to move it there the by all means move it.

@xSkeletalx would it belong here or in the art zone?

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I think offtopic is the correct location given that it isn’t KI related art.

No shame in being in the offftopic area though.

Fair enough.

Two other characters:

Wake The Ronin

And our first antagonist:

Raldon The Usurper

Gonna Start working on the backstories a bit more. I’ll get them up soon.


I have a feeling @OhAnodyne would like some of these drawings.


I’m happy to say, with an absolutely straight face, that you have a real knack for drawing breasts. :slight_smile:
To put it more seriously, the anatomical proportions and positions for your drawings are almost all spot on, and they interact well with the materials they’re interacting with. The beards and hair (and the other thing I mentioned) especially stand out.

Very well done, Mandrill. 8/8 looks g8 m8

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But in a more serious matter: Thanks @Fwufikins I really like when people can tell the amount of detail my dad puts into these.

All I do is show him the design and write the backstories and books. He brings them to life. And I am very grateful for it.


Those are really amazing, you and your dad are really talented :slight_smile:

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