Making wulf more balanced

I see this board has got quite stail. After watching the @UAPaulB about possible season 3 changes and the survey, I thought why not discuss how wulf could become less op in his strong matchups and stronger in weak matchups.

  1. I agree completely with the feral cancel being a poor design. Its does add a lot of strength to his instinct but it doesn’t help wulf in any matchup where he needs help. So this makes players that already have trouble with wulf’s ruahdown even more frustrated.

I liked the suggestion of giving wulf an invulnerable dash during instinct. If not a dash maybe his run should get invulnerability during instinct. This would even out the game with Zoners during instinct and give wulf an instinct tool I would find resourceful instead of abusive as ferrel cancel seems to be now.

  1. I think wulf deserves his backdash back. Why? So many players have some sort of projectile. He has no projectiles!!! Every other cast can sit back and safely spam and build meter. Wulf has to get to footsie range to get his meter which is always unsafe now with his gimped backdash. People complain that his old backdash gives him an out. Yes! It does! But wulf can’t harm you from outside sweep distance without putting himself back in footsies with his opponent.

How would you balance these buffs? Well, I think wulfs chip damage is overrated. Also, why not put a cooldown on dash outside of instinct. So without instinct wulf can crossup once but not back and forth. You can cancel from dash into normal or special but you can’t spam dash back and forth.

Again, Im hoping these are ideas that would help balance wulf. Let’s discuss what would work and what wouldn’t. Also, feel fee to add your own suggestions.

What if… Wulf could leap off of projectiles on Instinct by tapping a P+K input? Almost like a projectile catch-counter.

As in yes, he could climb a Kan-Ra Scarab wall or skip off of bouncing Hail, even off a Shatter.
Yes, I would intend he could use this mid Jumping Slash, even mid Shadow Jumping Slash. Even canceling out of Shadow Eclipse.

Can 3-way control the leap with the direction of jumping input+buttons.

Perhaps not all projectiles, just regular ones, ie, not off of Shadow moves. Against Maya, it’s pip level determined, definitely always sends them straight down.

Lore-wise, he gains his extra damage from Shadow Energy empowering his claws, they give him the ability to deflect projectiles for the jump.

The idea is, outside of Instinct, Wulf has the awesome “teledash” through opponents… What if he had a way to limit his zoning defense deficiencies to get in and use his regular game with Instinct? The damage+chip buff stays for sure.

Zoners should still be able to bait, Wulf’ can’t use his ground attacks until he lands but as mentioned, he can cancel out of a move off of a projectile… Time it right, leap off of Rash’s tongue!

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How about we leave him as-is? If he’s as good as Paul says he is, then there would have been more Wulfs at EVO this year, not less. He’s supposed to be a monster up close. It’s kind of his character.

I also don’t really understand how people think that he has a problem with zoners… you have the best dash in the game, short of runs, chase him down. Fulgore is the only one that I can see you having problems with as Wulf

I can see why nobody post in the forums…


Don’t take it personally because they disagree with you. Look on the brightside, no one is really attacking you, they’re just giving you their input.

I don’t think Sabrewulf needs his long backdash back, why? he can dash/jump over projectiles with slides and pounces. Sabrewulf is meant to be high offensive character. Sure you can use the back dash to get away but really…all you’re doing is giving these projectiles more room to soot at you. which only makes it harder for Wulf

The best strategy I reccomand with Wulf is to get in your foes face early as the match starts or between rounds. If you corner guys like Kan-Ra and Glacius, there isn’t much they can do to you. All I can say is, if you knock them down, be ready to block a wake up.

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I don’t really know the answer to this, except to say that I main Glacius and I love getting matched against a Sabrewulf. Sure, some guys beat me, but I don’t think this is an even matchup.

Wow… Chill. It will be okay.

I admit, I don’t have a lot of experience with Feral Cancel because it doesn’t affect the matchup with Glacius. If Wulf is close enough to use it Glacius is screwed anyway. I like that it improves his instinct, which was a bit suspect in S1. What you are suggesting is basically back to S1 wulf with an extra frame of startup to Eclipse. I would be okay with that. As far as the dash throughs, I don’t think it matters. One is all he needs to cross you up, so the ability to dash back is more for positioning than anything else. But again, maybe my view is skewed because if Wulf is dashing through me as Glacius I’m already over a barrel.

Another issue I have with wulf not having projectiles is this:

I break a combo >Instinct Cancel >Shadow Eclipse or shadow jumping slash. Why is this an instant break for my opponent , Its an opener. Wulf doesnt have projectiles to be safe on combreaker Instinct cancel… Are all cast affected by this or only wulf because he is projectile-less.

In that case, the combo Breaker is actually an opener, and the eclipse is an ender, so you’re going opener>ender. All characters have this problem if they were to do it.

Not real sure why you’re ICing a combo Breaker into shadow eclipse though? Leaping slash would recapture for a continuation. Just curious

Thank you. I didnt realize CB counted as opener. I see how “dumb” that is now. So if I had meter to recap, is recap now opener or is it consider the linker?

Recap is a linker. Basically, any physical hit done before the opponent hits the ground after a combo Breaker is breakablr