Making use of Riptor's flipouts

Hey guys Jeffron27/Red Riptor here!

I’m in the dojo right now looking add new little techniques to my Riptor gameplay. I was wondering if anyone found any uses or tech related to using flip-outs yet? I’ve been trying on the dummy, but I find once they land they can generally have enough frames to block or do what ever.

For folks who don’t know: Riptor’s flip out is Standing LK or the “A” button on the default controls.

I recommend using Riptor’s back dash into Heavy Kick to create scenarios where you can use it.

So yeah…anyone found any uses for the flip-outs yet?

Well, late reply, but you basically make your opponent choose between four options: Block high, block low, tech a grab, or block tail flip. It is also a good chance to create a seemingly infinate block string, especially with instinct. It opens up for crouching HP->predator HP. Etc. Just make sure you do attacks fast or else the plus frames are gone.

noted :3