Making stage variations of existing stages for the homeless

Is it possible to make day and night versions of existing stages or perhaps tweak stage lighting to create “newly looking” stages for Mira, RAAM, Rash, Gargos?

I am thinking similar to Tigers Lair and Shadow Tigers Lair.

TJ’s stage would then serve as Rash’ stage for example…



Rash is homeless? How does he afford the bikes?


He is homeless, not bikeless :wink:

Great idea but for some reason I just dont think they are going to do this. They already stated absolutely NO to training stage. SO for them to do a nighttime stage for Maya just seems unrealistic. Im with you, I totally agree it would be cool…just like Omen and SHago with Shadow Tigers lair…

It would be very Third Strike.

Couple of free names: Daytime Destruction instead of Downtown Demolition, City of Dusk instead of City of Dawn.