Making a lobby that would fit 20+ for talking

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a mode that is in the very front of our main menu. right underneath single player and multiplayer but above the shadow lab and store option. A lobby that could fit like 10 to 50 or more of people just to chill and chat , maybe u can even see them in a way that they are sitting at a place or walking around.
Make multiple lobbies since there is alot of people or even make lobbies just for certain characters just how this forum has sections for character topics, let’s make character lobbies that we can actually join and talk with one another. Lobbies/Servers or whatever where it’s open 24hrs a day all year round. So we can just go into that lobby we like n just drink and talk away maybe throwing a few rounds in every now and then.

Once in the mode u can join any lobby available to join but it’s only for talking and to find new people to hang out with and make n meet people to do private lobbies or exhibition matches with.

What do u guys think? This came up pretty quick (and have lots more ideas) n thought it was pretty cool so I posted it, if it’s stupid or pointless please give your input as to why?
If u agree or have any more inputs to the mode to make it more real then go ahead and post away, I’ll post sum more ideas on this if there’s more interest from others =)

I’ve played games which have a similar feature to what you’re talking about (on PC) and it can certainly be useful; the thing is, those games used type/text as the method of communication, and I assume the Xbox would use voice chat.

I think things might get too hectic with 20+ people all trying to talk at once. I actually already run into that in Xbox Party chat sometimes! If it was done as a text-based chat, I think it could be useful.

i hope i’m not breaking any rules by saying that’s a lot what the ki discord server is like. matches and lobbies being set up in there every day, and yesterday there were 180 people online using it. i won’t post the link until i’m sure i’m not breaking any rules but resourceful people shouldn’t have a problem finding it on the killer instinct reddit. :slight_smile:

I dunno. Text or voice, I think it might get too hectic if too many people are involved. I’ve seen how fast and crazy the text in Twitch chat is and it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s said because everybody wants to say everything. I think this would be something along those lines. Besides, there’s no real way to tell if such a lobby would be anywhere near capacity at times (depends on its popularity) or even if the conversation will stay interesting - it could get stale, be trolled, turn to other topics other than the game, etc. IMPO, because of all of these things, I think it’s probably a good idea to just stick to XBL party chat and other already implemented methods (like the aforementioned Discord) for PC.

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