Make the black void stage during the credits playable. SHADOW REALM?

You know when the credits play in story mode, there’s that just black level you see a fight happening in. Effects and everything look so cool on there. I think that should be released as a bonus stage. Looks so awesome, considering there’s literally nothing. Hell, maybe add some mist in the background like we see in the new Level 4 Enders. Call it Shadow World or Shadow Void. Would be a great place to fight Gargos.



UPDATED. Smoke billows on sides to represent walls. Added more mist, stars like in Kan-Ra’s portal.

And look, a spot for it!

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Like this?


YES!!! great Idea! I really like the look of that clip even though its a glitch. But Im sure someone is going to complain and say NO it hurts my eyes! It gives me headaches. LOL

I want to be able to use the Dojo stage with classic backgrounds and music. But for some reason a lot of people are against it.


Exactly. That with that ender level 4 mist in the background. Seems simple and would ease some of the rage at only having 3 stages this season. :wink: Just call the level The Void or Shadow World… something like that. Music can be 100% random/selectable, no default.


What an awesome idea! And as a special feature to this stage, you can select in of the classic killer cuts to play as background music.

Just wanted to throw my dissenting opinion in the ring; I don’t see this as being interesting, personally.

I also think this would ruin things on the tournament streaming end of things, because I have a feeling (especially now with the music selection feature) that this would result in every single match being played on it a la Street Fighter 4’s practice stage.

I much prefer the crafted, styled stages we already have.


That’s why people are given choices… everything doesn’t have to be graded by tournaments. tournaments can make their own rules as they see fit. No need for the casual player to have to go by what tournament may or may not have a preference for.

I completely agree with this, but the “blank/minimal stage” subject is one which I feel DOES warrant a tournament-based decision. I know from past discussion that you and I don’t agree on this point, and I’m not looking to start a problem in the thread; but that’s just my particular opinon.


Im not trying to start a problem…Im just saying my opinion no different than you.

I’m coming up with solutions…not problems. To please everyone it could be only accessible for offline VS CPU play.

But honestly they are never going to implement this idea so need need for anyone to argue over it. No reason Tedakin cant dream of an idea and we discuss it.

@Tedakin I think its a great Idea and I feel more options for these “little things” would be awesome if they were available…For Offline and Casual play only

I think my “not looking to start a problem” came off differently than I mean it due to plain-text-monotone; I didn’t mean to imply that’s what was happening, simply to agree that we have different opinions and that I also don’t feel strongly enough about it to really stand up and plant a flag about it.

Your opinion is certainly valid, and you are all absolutely welcome to talk about or discuss it! I wasn’t trying to muffle or cut down on discussion here whatsoever.

As much as I would love this stage Skeletal is right, every match at a tournament would be played on it which is the same problem behind not letting the training stage be selected. They put all the time and effort into creating fancy stages and re-lighting them only for every stream to show off a black void?

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But that’s just speculation. You dont know for a scientific fact that that’s what every tournament player would pick every time. If that’s the case, then don’t allow it as a TO. Or just have it available in practice mode same as dojo. But if its there and available,then an option to decide for your own would be great.

But it’s not speculation, literally every fighting game has the problem of the most empty stage being selected a majority of the time. Watch a SFIV tournament and you’ll see training stage probably 90% of the matches. Watch a UMVC3 tournament and you’ll see nothing but Bonne Wonderland and training stage. It’s so bad that “one true stage” is a meme at tournaments. Heck, here’s the entire evo top 8 played on training stage:


You (and I) have a vaild point regarding what we’ve seen with SFIV, but Seraphs is correct that we’re speculating when it comes to a "training stage’ at KI tournaments.

It may be speculation supported by existing evidence from another game, but it IS still speculation.

I agree with Skeletal and SithLord. It’s too bad, but this is why we can’t have nice things. This would make the tournament scene beyond monotonous, and as someone who both enjoys watching tournaments and tries to recruit people to play the game by setting up parties we are going to have enough problems overcoming Shadow Jago.

I think putting rolling mist in the background would make it more on par with other stages, and not an automatic tourney pic. Solid black may be a bad idea.


Don’t know how this relates to tournaments, but I as a casual player would LOVE to have a stage like this playable at home.

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Slight upgrade. More like Kan-Ra’s portal.


Looks awesome.
Maybe gave the stars twinkle in and out with the rolling fog

Just call it ‘the void’

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I think it’s an amazing idea . Maybee someone could tag a developer or something. I really do love this idea, and it couldn’t be difficult at all to implement I’d imagine.

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