Make Shadow Jago buyable

I know, Shago should be special and not every one can have him.
But with his new moveset he also is a new character, and I think that PC players should get a chance to get Shago.
Here are some Ideas how you should get him:

  1. Like Omen, buy the Season 1 Pack and get Shago as a Bonus character
  2. the Shadow Jago figure, if you buy the Shadow Jago figure there is a code includet (like the Halo 4 figures) maybe it would cost a bit more than the other KI figures but you have Shago ingame

Do you agree with me ?
Or do you have other Ideas ?

I so behind, thought shadow jago was going to be free for season ultra owners.

He will be buyable, they’ve said they plan to bring him back for special events and occassions so that people have a chance to buy him.

I agree. Nothing lasts forever. I’ve enjoyed using Shadow Jago since day one, but would love the diversity of having more players being able to use him. I’m looking at the card right now, and while it doesn’t have an expiration date on the deal, I’m pretty sure the slip with the actual code said it was only guaranteed to be exclusive until February 2014. We are well past that point, they don’t owe us anything else in this regard.

The only people I can understand getting mad now would be the KI Gold/Shago pack purchasers, but only if they weren’t doing it for the communities tournament scene.

Where have you guys been? Shago was buyable for like a month just a few months ago. Remember the whole “SHAGO community fund deal?” If you didn’t buy him then, what’s wrong with you?

People will get mad (some already did) if you sell Shago on a regular basis. But I suspect we will see him either as a permanent fixture for sale in the store or on a periodic basis to support the tournament scene or whatever. They just can’t announce it so close to the last Jago sale. Think of it like Disney taking their movies “out of the vault” for a limited time only…

I’m a PC player, I don’t have the Game.
The Shago community fund was before the PC announcement, I didn’t knew that I would had him on PC. (Would you buy something for a game where you don’t even have the console for it?)
I didn’t say that it should be sold regularly. He should be available through a special way but you should always have a chance to buy him.

People on PC will have the chance to buy it. I guarantee it.

There’s no possible way Shadow Jago will be his own tournament-viable character and they do not give people a chance to buy him, especially since they are marketing the game to a whole new set of players that have never played before, and therefore don’t have Shadow Jago.

It just doesn’t make sense for them to lock all their hard work (and the game’s ability to be played in tournaments) behind some 2-year-old promotion that doesn’t even apply once Shadow Jago gets his own moveset.

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This is a good point. I suspect he will be available again, if for no other reason than to allow PC gamers a chance to pick him up.

I think the whole concept of shadow Jago fails unless you have shadow versions of other top characters, who wouldn’t buy an exclusive shadow version of their own fave character (revenant MKX alternates)

I don’t want to start a big fight here, but I actually think Shadow Jago is pretty lame, for that exact reason. People always talk about not wanting clones, and people don’t want guest characters taking up spots for exciting new characters, but everyone seems to be way too excited for Shadow Jago.

To clarify, I thought he was great as a re-skin of Jago. No problems there, why not? I also contributed to the fund to support the tournament scene and because people so clearly wanted him to get his own move set. But from a design standpoint, isn’t it kind of lame to take an existing character and make them “darker, and possessed!” call them shadow name and then say “here’s a new character?” Certainly I don’t want Shadow Orchid, Shadow Thunder, Shadow Spinal etc.

I think the reason people are okay with it is because there are lots of “dark shotos” in other games (Evil Ryu, Akuma, many others in non-SF games), and seeing KI’s take on that moveset could be kind of neat. The “dark shoto” is almost an archetype now, just like “shoto” or “grappler”, so to me it’s not quite the same as a shadow version of another character; there’s a precedent here.

If Shago is the Akuma to Jago’s Ryu, I think that’s something worth exploring.