Make Orchid look great again

I just bough Classic costume of orchid in KI, but instead of the look of orchid in KI, with the thong, she has some weird looking speedo thing on her, wich is just awefull.
Her hair looks shty also, please fix orchid , i don’t know who chose her speedo but she is not a 80 year old perverted granny to have those on, but a sexy cop. so make her sexy and good looking as should, we the players pay for this, fixing her hair takes actually less then 5 minutes

now, i found this orchid, wich seams it was made but rejected by microsoft deaming it too revealing, wich is nonsense, this orchis is just a dream, i d pay 20 us in a heartbeat just to have her. I mean look at that face, she is perfect.


Her retro? I like it. Skin tight suits on women is the best.

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The speedo is her original look. The thong came afterward.

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I like the part were she’s not an 80 year old pervert but you want her in a thong.

We’ve been trough this, they’ve stated it’s not changing, this is will agree about the hair on general


I dont even play orchid and kim wu, because i like sexy lookin girls as maya and sadira ( :heart_eyes: ) when it come to orchid i use only the retro . kim whoop my a** i dont even touch ( too ugly and nothing sexy at all ) :cold_sweat: even hisako do have beautifull legs
but for these""" “BINGO”""" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I personaly like Orchid’ outfit.
Her Retro is fine (even if I don’t really like the costume, but it fits with the KI 1 retro).

She has (with Sadira) the sexiest body i’ve ever seen in KI (I got turned on every time she does a Flip Flak xD)
Btw, a leg isn’t and DON’T be beautiful by the degree of naked body on it, thanks.
She has a great breast, a purfect butt, and no need for Orchid to be naked to see it lol.
I don’t want a B**** Orchid.

Edit: The only fix i want is her eyes at loading screen.

All this and you all fail to see the largest problems are her wonky thick mis-rigged neck, toilet paper hair, and pool stick retro sabers


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[spoiler]we guys love to look at beautiful girls, beautiful cars, nothing pervererted in it, a woman’s body is beautiful for a men, like a sculpture or a painting, beeing sexy is a talent that not many have, so yeah, we love our sexy heroins that we imagine and bring to life, pure art, and for kids makes them love women in general, nothing wrong in it.
But microsoft is part of the pu sy generation, in the 90’s making the sexy orchid would have been a priority so more kids play the game, now the p generations developers are so pudic and ppl in general that a woman in a thong is considered perverted.

americans regressed in 10 years back to the 50 's.[/spoiler]


Speak for yourself mate. I think she looks dead on the way she is. I don’t need to see all that to appreciate the character model

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I’m with ya, bro. I perfer Orchid’s KI2 look over her KI1 outfit. Not to say that Orchid’s original look from the first game is bad. I just like the her KI2/Gold outfit better.

Get on this, modders!


As always, topics like this can get out of hand pretty quickly and seemingly out of nowhere, so a reminder to keep it relatively PG, it just takes one post for it to get out of hand.

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If anything this is TOO PG. Sound like horny 12 year olds… which perhaps is what they are.

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I wish there was a way to say this without offense to the OP but I don’t really think it’s possible:

Everything you’re saying is really creeping me out. Just reading this thread made me uncomfortable.


so, you are playing a game full of violance and gore, ultra combos, bone breakers, but you are creeped out by a pair of ■■■■■ or butt cheecks.

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your snowflake generation makes me sick and destroys the little pleasures of life for all us adults as in 16+ . If you are offended by this, you are not prepared for real life and you live in a bubble, wich is your problem, not others’ who are normal and you probably should seek professional help. No offense intended.

also, since the game cannot be easily moded ( i myself am a hobby 3d modeller but this content delivery style makes it rly hard to mod it) , we can’t do much even if we bought the game wich is kinda unfair.


I’m not uncomfortable with sex or sexual imagery, I’m creeped out by your attitude that says that no woman in media is allowed to not have her butthole hanging out. I’m creeped out by you directly comparing women to objects.


Awww, can I ask for Jago being sexy too? <=(
I want his hair beautiful and soft like in the comic, and his blue/green eyes back because blue is better ( ? )

Just kidding, I like his current yellowish eyes n_n but yeah, he was a young sexy man in KI 1 , then he turned chinese in KI 2. Design decisions I guess XD

And that Orchid the OP posted, that’s not Orchid, that’s just Megan Fox cosplaying Orchid.

I’ll cut it out here because I don’t want to be mean and flagged n.n (I have nothing again sexy characters, but some comments are…unbeliabable).


All the season 1 characters could need a touch up. As for Orchid’s retro outfit, it is based on her very first appearance in the very first game.

For some reason they gave her thighboots though. Not sure why. And they gave her the hair she has from KI2.

I personally prefer her KI2 look over her original look, and I guess Double Helix tried to mix the two. Her retro doesn’t look good though. That said, most retros don’t look good. Not because they are inaccurate to their former looks, but the style just looks really outdated and not very well translated into the new engine. Let the 90’s stay in the 90’s.

Her newest look is definitely her best either way.


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