Make All Ranked be Best of 3 Matches

I know it is just for Killer tier players, but this game needs it to be available earlier imo. I am a very bad KI player and sit in Silver for the time being. But I do however feel like there are some matches where I could have definitely won a best of 3 set. You can play really well in this game, then get hit by 1 or 2 surprises and lose a full life bar from high damaging combos. This is especially true for newer/worse players in lower rank tiers because we are not that good at noticing L/M/H break points. And newer players have the additional burden of having to recognize these patterns for a huge roster.

But, I believe better players will overcome in best of three sets, and messing up a breaker won’t be a death sentence for us low ranked dudes.

With the new update that came out on 3/29, Gold Tier is also best of 3.

Personally, I feel like BO3 is more “stressful” than one-and-done, and can feel more frustrating if you lose, because you had to lose against the same person twice. I think Bronze and Silver are probably better as one-and-done, and they can also get a lot more matches done that way as well.

If you feel like you’re struggling right now, remember that on 4/1 the entire Ranked League got reset, so you may be fighting people who were previously Gold or Killer rank but haven’t climbed their way out yet.

I feel like you have to be at a certain level of player to get to best of 3.