Main problems of Killer Instinct

If that doesn’t work to you, I recommend you to fight against someone you know, someone who has a similar level to yours.

If you don’t have friends who could fit on this description, try here:

Ask for a Gold or less ranked opponent, although some Killer can be really good into teaching you the game.

I can’t think about many Gold players, but @MandrillManiac is probably the best I know(IMO he could be Killer easily), and he is super fun to play with.

My recomendations:

-Always fight someone stronger than you. There is not much to learn about mauling someone, but there is a lot to learn from being outplayed. Where did I fail? Where did I lose my initiative? Why?

-Every time you attempt to break something, ask yourself. Did you identified correctly the strength you wanted to break? Did you saw a pattern and tried to break it without seeing it? Were you right? Was your opponent using only lights? If so, why didn’t you let him rock them, and tried to break them in the next combo? Learning when to break is key, and you should always question yourself about it.

-Is your opponent being tremendously lucky guess breaking you, or did he saw a pattern in your combos? Are you using the same strength in linkers? The same auto double? Have you considered using a counter breaker without actually using nothing but an opener to fish guess breakers? Lots of people misunderstoods being predictable with lucky guess breakers. For some time during s1, I always used m. Linkers, everytime. When I noticed that I was being predictable, I changed my routine and suddenly, I was harder to break. Make your combos varied and hard to break, stress your opponent, and take advantage of it

There are more lessons to get, but consider this points and try to adapt your gameplan into them.

I’m a Killer rank, but maybe I could help you to improve in some areas. In any case, you will find good opponents in the GGs thread

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