Mage head linkers

Ok, so Mage head has 2 linkers (bolt strike and stomp strike) but they are almost identical. They deal the same amount of damage, the same amount of KV, the only noteworthy difference is the input and that stomp strike might have a slightly larger manual window. I suggest tweaking the linkers a little bit to better differentiate them. making it so the stomp linker does more damage and the bolt linker maybe offers an easier manual window or perhaps builds a tiny bit of meter would help make these linkers not be nearly the same.

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So… thoughts anyone?

I think that’s a nice idea. I like the ideas of linkers having different properties because it makes a deep game go even deeper. As long as it doesn’t make combo strategies too linear (having people always go for certain linkers) I am all for it.

BUT I don’t play Eyedol a lot. I like him, though, so perhaps he’ll be my next character I marathon as.

And off topic, but aren’t you that cartoonist guy? I remember really thinking your stuff was cool.

Ups, I didn’t notice this!

The idea sounds neat, although there are many characters with several useless linkers, so I don’t see this happening, sadly.

If I would have to change something, it would be the lighting ender. No damage, no good meter gain. Either buff meter or damage, currently is worthless

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mage mode has linkers? why? you never get that close :stuck_out_tongue:
yeah its a shame theyre both pretty much the same.

normally linkers are dmg vs wall carry, and I dont think youd really want wall carry for Mage, maybe have it be dmg vs meter linkers?

but yeah mage lightning ender is damn near pointless. even If I take a lifebar with them Ill still do launcher into teleport for the Rage charge

Bolt linker is preferred IMO because sometimes stomp linker leaves you too far away to manual all strengths. Bolt always makes sure you are point blank so manuals are easy.

I dunno which is easier to break, maybe they are both equally easy/hard.

Yeah it’s true, except Mage stomp strike is, like, the best close range special move in the game probably? I think you will be given an opportunity to use mage linkers a lot, actually.

I was being a bit sarcastic. stomp is super great, only thing Ill just burn charges on if I can. just most mage hits are from range.

I forgot about bolt linker leaving you a bit closer. id just like if there was a little more dynamic between them

I’d be fine with one of them doing more damage, the other building more meter (or something like that). Because the warrior pip is so valuable though, I wonder if it really matters since 1-chance into pip seems like the way to go.

thats what I do. I dont want to risk doing battery ender then all of a sudden switching modes and wind up a screen apart in Warrior. even as a round ender, I’d prefer taking the charge if I can get it,

I also think that the bolt strike ender needs some re tuning. It does minimal damage and only builds half the meter of a normal battery ender. I think they should either raise the damage, raise the meter gain, or give it another function. they might be hesitant to increase the meter gain due to how good many of his shadow moves are (especially in instinct) but I still think something should change.

This is even more true considering how other enders are better in every way:
-Launcher ender leads to teleport, so you get a pip AND put your opponent far away.
-Damage ender puts the opponent far away in higher levels, and of course deals a lot of damage compared to the rest
-The only advantage which battery ender has is that it always puts far away the opponent from you. Launcher could have a switch before being able to use teleport, and damage doesn’t throw away on lower levels. But feels kinda meh to me anyway, considering that Mage has good preassure up close

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