Madcatz TE2 Fightstick is now fully compatible on Windows 10!

Hey guys!

For those who missed it, I just plugged my stick as I did every week just to check that it didn’t work as usual but there was a miracle! The stick is now fully compatible ans there’s no need to unplug some buttons. The 8 buttons are fully recognized!

I can enjoy playing the game again!

But don’t be happy too quickly, the stick is still fully incompatible with games outside the XBOX app… So, no SFV, GGXrd and more without tweaking…

Thanks for posting this.

Responding to your first message: It’s about damn time.

Responding to your second message: This is expected, but it’s still aggravating. It’s impossible for me not to drop the Xbox One fightstick into the mental bucket of “complete and utter mess.” It’s cost me a ton of money, and by the time I’ve engineered my half dozen different workarounds for the different situations where I might use it, I’m better off just using different controllers. So my KI TE2 stick is sitting in a corner gathering dust. Sad.

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I’m still having issues with the Trigger buttons. :frowning:

Try to check your Windows update and updates through the Store! It worked for me! :wink:

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I’ll give it a try! Thank you :slight_smile: hopefully it works!

I’m having the opposite problem, last week my TE2 was working perfectly. Now after the update, its not recognized. Anyone know what’s going on?