Madcatz stick not working since new patch?

Hi everyone, I’m using a modified Madcatz 360 brawl stick (sanwa parts) and have noticed the game is no longer detecting my stick.

I have no issues, in SF5, or Guilty Gear XRD Revelator, yet for some reason KI now does not recognize it. Are there any solutions besides joy2key? I’d prefer to use my stick without a third party program.

Thank you

There have been issues for quite a while with everyone, I’ll give you a quick run-down if the history of the issues.

When the PC port launched everything worked, except for Xbox 1 type fightsticks, and there was a large outcry to have them work. When the Win10 anniversary update released it included a XB1 fightstick driver, but the game itself had to be patched in order to implement the new driver. After the update, somehow it broke support for all fightsticks but the XB1 types.

So for now, about the only way you can get non-XB1 fightsticks to work is to either use something like Joy2key or get something like a Brooks or CronusMax converter.

Eck, thanks for the info. That is unfortunate :frowning:

I’ve been hearing rumors that a fix is in the works, so don’t lose heart.

But personally I wouldn’t hold my breath either. :sweat:

If it makes you feel any better, with them making a specific driver instead of a fix that just lets it work like a regular PC controller the XB1 fightsticks still won’t work with anything else on PC still.

Hopefully one day soon :frowning: