Mad Scientist character & Apocalypse

We got Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll & Hyde and Mister Sinister.

A mad scientist can be serving Ultratech. I pictured him as KI’s Quan Chi, while Kan-Ra is KI’s Shang Tsung.

(This can be his instinct mode)

He can be capturing young children trying to turn them into superhumans/mutants.

Quan Chi stole the souls of the fallen heroes turning them into undead warriors.

Would you see him involved with the creation of Cinder? Or other experiments?

Anyway… he may work with ARIA to follow her creator’s dream in a “perfect humanity”, but he has a sinister agenda against her and wants to rule Ultratech.

I also thought of something for KI to have a “Shinnok”.


I’m still down for this idea.

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Anyone got something to pull this kind of character off seeing it being a part of Ultratech’s experiments?

Frankenstein: He researches for immortality.

Jekyll & Hyde: He researches on separating good & evil.

Griffith: He researches on becoming permanently invisible.

By the way, the detective character can be connected to the mad scientist. Cause think of them as our modern Sherlock Holmes and James Moriarty.

How about this! Aria wants a perfect humanity, he shares the same vision as her.

Following these mad scientists, he wants a new humanity of a new genesis: free from sickness, free of physical and mental limitation - disabilities and have the power to control over one’s body and all.

Seeing a mad scientist being KI’s Quan Chi, I would see a “Shinnok” taking part as well… but like… Apocalypse, but mixed as a slenderman (tentacles)… relating to the Cthulhu Mythos.

Think of it this way. If the scientist doesn’t appear in this game, there’s always next game.

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Good ideas! :grinning:

I’d love a scientist but I’d want him to be more “Mad” scientist. Like an Ultratech employee wearing a labcoat that uses his experiments in combat. Tossing vials and flasks that have different effects.


Would you all wanna see a “Mister Sinister” mad scientist join KI?

Maybe next season it’s discovered he was one of the original creators of ARIA, but underestimating her takeover he complies to her demands, thus making him the underground scientist in the facility (Who was also responsible for Project Cinder, Riptor, and the dissection of Eagle, making him into Fulgore.)

I’d be intrigued with the idea.

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That’s a pretty good idea.

If there was that and a detective in the next season, the mad scientist oughta be one of the creators of Project Cinder.

If you’ve seen Lex Luthor, Mister Sinister, Doc Ock & Doctor Doom, there should be someone like KI’s Quan Chi. Since Kan-Ra feels like KI’s Shang Tsung.

In his moveset he can summon tentacles from its back and shoot out ionic energy as projectiles. Ionic energy like Wonder Man.

He has a fascination to the Astral Plane and the Shadow Lords. He wants to evolve humanity just as ARIA does. But in his own way to become gods.

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