Mad Catz te2+ not working on PC

I can’t seem to get my Mad Catz te2+ ps4 fight stick to work with KI on PC. I use it for SFV daily without any problems. I have the official Mad Catz driver, but I’ve also tried XOutput and Joy2Key, and none of them work. The game doesnt recognize my stick. Feeling kind of helpless at the moment…

Thanks, Slitvarg

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This problem is not making it easier to attract new players…


Yeah, I don’t think it works. I’m pretty sure the game allows only Xbox controllers. Ironically it took them about 9 months to get the Xbox Te2 working with it - but you could use an Xbox360 fightstick with it since launch.

If you want to use the stick you will need some kind of adapter that fools it into thinking you are playing with an Xbox controller. I think some people have been able to use joy2key but I’m not familiar with it.

Yes this sucks. Whoever is in charge of hardware and peripheral decisions for Xbox One and for the KI PC port has basically hosed it up as badly as humanly possible.

My TE2+ SFV PS4 stick worked on KI before getting the Windows 10 anniversary Update. I use this sick for other games flawlessly as I play SFV/4, MKX and more on my PC.

I have contacted Mad Catz and they say the problem is elsewhere and not with them (Which is true as it does work). So It has to be with the KI team and Microsoft. Sucks I haven’t played this game for months now every time there’s an update, I plug my TE2+ and hope It works.

Please someone fix this already. No wonder KI Is dying.

@Eklundan Would you mind telling us in here how you fixed it please?