Mad Catz Announces New Fight Stick Peripheral

From an eventhubs story published very recently:

Somehow, after declaring bankruptcy and then doing deals with Rock Band and some other stuff, Mad Catz is announcing their first Fightstick peripheral in a very long time.

The TE3 is gonna come with all the same features just about as the previous TE2, but will also include new features that may disqualify it potentially from use in tournaments. These features will include rapid fire ability and programmable macros.

Not a lot is known at the moment, but it’s said to work across all current platforms, which makes it questionable about official licensing from the major console makers. But one stick for all the different consoles sounds pretty good. Of what is known about it, I kinda want one, but I’m skeptical enough to hold out a bit to see what some reviews say. It’s being projected for a Q2 2022 release window. Nothing about it’s price, size, weight, or any other major specifics at the moment.

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They currently have a fightstick on the market, but it’s just a re-label of a chinese manufactured stick with a poor reputation. It will be interesting to see what this is in the end. For decades, MadCatz made cheap controllers and the TE2 was really a change for them - representing a high quality piece of hardware at a premium price.