Lovecraftian character(s)

How would you all picture KI having characters on Lovecraftian mythology?

I can imagine something… “Shinnok” & “Apocalypse” to join in.

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But Shinnok and Apocalypse aren’t Lovecraftian in design at all.

We need something like Evolve’s Kraken!

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I’m not talkin’ about design. I mean their traits!

If you want to use the traits of Lovecraft, then you should go the whole nine yards and design it around Lovecraft. If you are just looking for a higher being/god character, then we already have Gargos.

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I have a lovecraft character idea. Give me some time

Sorry to say but darkfox is kinda right. Gargos is already pretty “godlike” mentality your looking for.

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Have it on my desk by 5 or no Christmas bonus.

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I really really don’t want this character for the reason that it will put all previous bosses to shame but also it would end up probably being a fight like MVC3 against galactic where all you can hit is his hands and head because he’s so big.

There you have! More to come!!


Or maybe something more tame.

Or not.


Aww, how sweet of you to say! :kissing:

YES we need space W in KI lol!

@Zeybuccaneer had the coolest idea for a Lovecraftian character that also merged another favorite trope of mine, the undead “natzee” soldier:

EDIT: “N.a.z.i.” is a forbidden word? Really?


(and no, I wouldn’t picture this one in KI, but Bloodborne is probably a game worth taking a look at)

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hhaha tks dude! We really need more pure evil characters :smiling_imp:

Really Naz.i a forbidden word? lol