Lots of People Rage Quitting/Immediate DQ For Some Reason

Ever since S3 dropped, I have noticed a lot of rage quitters, or just people that immediately disconnect when I get in the menu. Normally this would be just weird, but the jail system makes me sad when I deserve a win- maybe jail should only be added for after a match has started/significant time passed? It is just discouraging all these people DQ/Ragequitting on me and getting no points.

PS: In gold almost killer because of the reset. Not been playing as much because of life etc, it wasn’t like this in killer last time I was up in it. Is there a lot of rage quitters there?

Either bad connection or they are really salty and is unable to handle defeat.

Generally as a Sadira main I’ve come to know the wonders of the good ole RQ, but honestly they are few and far between. Within the last week I’ve had only two people RQ on me. If you’re getting “tons” then it might not have anything to do with an actual RQ. Understand this, if a person actually RQs then you get the win automatically. If you aren’t getting any of the wins or points, then it is your connection that is messed up unfortunately.

No no no, i think the OP is right.

Its not really “Rage quitters”, it just people who seem to disconnect as soon as the character select screen comes up.

I saw it happen today, and i was confused, but then my game crashed 3 times while searching in Ranked, so i think that is what happened to them also.

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Yeah, it may just be crashing. But it’s so frequent when it happens to me, I crash like once every few sessions. A funny type of lobby leaver is when they get bodied and find you in a lobby again and just quit. Of course I’d be fine with it but I’m in jail because of it so it’s not fun and I want an actual match. Especially the silvers, they almost scare me with the threat of Ragequitting if I go too hard with my main.

Game crashed to home screen once right as the character screen was loading… Probably looked like disconnect to the opponent. Maybe this happens more frequently to PC players?

I’ve had my game crash in Ranked a few times lately. It’ll take a while to find a match, and then just crash the instant it seems to find someone. I always get the loss for this, which is pretty annoying. :-/

I think its okay to quit for the following.
Priority one: Work or school.
You have to go somewhere and its time to hope off.

I find those to be acceptable.
Rage quitting because of defeats I find unacceptable.

its a disconnect in my case. right before the character screen loads it slows down and then boom disconnect. sucks cause it sometimes happens during a best of 3 match makes either player look like a sore loser when its not the case at all.

Well if someone leaves in character select its pretty obvious it can’t be rage quitting.

I do have a funny story of some guy teabagging the entire match and just being a douchebag. I turned up my game and beat him senseless. He ended up taking my green life and he teabagged me and left. Lol, I felt so much pity for that dude.

Lost 4 games in a row because as soon as i had found a match my game had disconnected/crashed. XB1 over wifi with a 150 mbs down and 30 mbs upload

If at all possible, you need to use a wired connection. While you certainly have the speed, WiFi connections aren’t stable and the signal can cause microflucuations in your signal. This can cause higher than normal packet loss and thus cause the game to crash.

Rule of thumb, you need to have a wired connection for most competitive online games.


40% of my time on KI has been on wifi, although i know wired is always better, its never ever been this bad in 3 years of playing and is seems to be a bug/issue with this Gargos patch. My TV is hooked up to my pc and xb1 i had just finished playing overwatch and was too lazy to plug in the ethernet. On that note… GET THOSE WINDOWS 10 FIGHTSTICK DRIVERS FINISHED MS!

I quit if the connection is bad or they are lag switching . No point playing in that lag, im not learning or gaining mu xp.

This has been happening to me too. It wasn’t till Gargos came out though.

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