Lots of new shadow character skins coming in season 3?

I don’t know if this was being discussed in the big Shadow Lords thread but if you look closely at the video it says there are mutated “mimics” of the cast attacking all over the world. Sounds to me like every character might be getting a shadow skin like Shago used to be, one that is hopefully unlockable. Sounds like this mode may be the replacement for story mode in season 3.


I hope so. Maybe have a shadow skin and accessory set for each character to complete that “evil shadow” look for everyone.

Though I hope we get a traditional story mode as well.

Wait so a Shadow Shadow Jago?

Well I don’t think Omen, Shago and Gargos would need to be corrupted. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It worked for Shinnok in MKX. He was already pretty bad before being corrupted.

That would be kinda like in Destiny Taken King when you are about to kill Oryx in the story and he “takes” himself at the last second to come back as a super strong boss for the Raid.

pretty sure they are called mimics to explain why they look identical to the current cast. I do hope for a corrupt looking alt colour.

I doubt that to be the case. It would be a lot of work making an individual skin for everyone. At the most I think they would just tint your character purple and call it a shadow version. It’s Shadows mode but with your shadow tinted purple. It would be cool though if they did put in work to make everyone shadow variants but we all know they even wanted to make a unique Shadow character fund raiser.

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I wasn’t suggesting that they’ll completely remodel every character, I was referring more to a new “shadow” color.

I would like an actual Shadowmancer. A man who can control shadows and weaponize it to his advantage.

No Shadow versions of already established characters though… it’s just not good character design.

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My fave GG character. :v:

Maybe that’s the “bonus color” they were talking about.

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Oh? Of what color do you speak?

Nevermind. Just re-read it ant it’s “bonus retro color”.

Ah, well maybe there will be shadow colors that are unlockable via Shadow Lords mode. Now that would be incentive to play that mode.


Yea same theory I came up with

Not sure you read the topic correctly friend, we’re referring to the possibility of there being SKINS for the characters to be used in Lords of Shadow mode. Not a retooling or something of that nature and this isn’t what we want, this is what we’re led to believe from what we have been told.

It’s not a matter of if you’ll “pass” or not, its speculation as to what is already in season 3. If the devs have done this, you don’t really have that option. :\

Say I was right and they did add in some recolored “shadow” skins for LoS mode, how exactly would you “pass” at that point? I mean, they would be in the game so that’s not really up to you. lol

The thread is all about speculation about what the mutated mimics will look like, not whether or not you want them in the game. :sweat_smile:

Again, this thread isn’t “what do you want from LoS mode” its about what they’re already doing to it. Sure more accessories or whatever would be nice but that’s not what we’re talking about. It explicitly says there are shadow controlled mimics of the existing fighters, that has to mean something. We’re here to talk about that.