Lost my license for kilgore on Saturday march 11

Hello there. I’m a visually impaired gamer who really really enjoys killer instinct. Anyway that’s not why I’ here. I actually need a bit of help. I noticed that last week I could not choose kilgore. I tried reinstalling kilgore but now when I access him I am taken to the store and here’s where the trouble starts. I cannot download a license for him even though I bought the character I think august or so of last year. How can I get my license back from the Microsoft store? I am using xbox and am in the insider’s program running the latest beta build released today, 03-14-2018. I was running the latest released march 10 when I noticed the issue… Thanks all.

I have no idea how to help you but I am tagging in some of the devs and the community manager who might.

@TotalJimkata @snickerdoodle @TempusChaoti

Thanks for adding me to this thread!

@ke7zum there is a similar issue with Shin Hisako we are looking into. I am going to DM you with some questions to help support getting this fixed.

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Thanks. In quite new to the forum and its interface, so please bare with me while I get used to it. Again thanks and I’ll get to that.

Yeah, I wanna report that my Shin Hisako is locked. If I click on buy it takes me to the store where the item is already bought and installed.

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