Lost my killer rank; games I played gone from my record

Hello everyone. I was playing KI about 2 or 3 days ago, and I received a notification that I would lose my killer rank if I didn’t play any ranked matches. So, I played about 5-6 ranked matches and didn’t play ranked again. When I logged in today, I was notified that I was demoted anyway and the games on my record had suddenly vanished.
Is there any sort of fix to this? I’d rather not have to grind up to Killers rank again, it was a bit of a pain.

Usually it happens to me too except without the notification and it says that I’m a qualifier again. My rank is not actually gone however all I have to do is go to the ranked menu and it’ll come back. This happens to me more than on the end of the month usually after a couple of days.

You have to play one ranked fight each month, otherwise you lose your killer rank.

If you played them, and still got demoted, sounds like a bug

I know, that’s what I did. I played 5-6 ranked matches after I got the notification.

Then it seems like a bug

did you win the matches

Some of them, yes