Lost dlc?

Been having problems with the game starting so i had to redownload it fixed the game but my season one characters are gone and so is killer instinct classic please help.

Did you try a hard reboot?

i deleted entire game and redownloaded but because one of the combo packs i bought isnt in the market place anymore i cant get my season one char or ki classic back right now it looks like i will have to buy more content to get them back

i just realized this a horrible way to contact developers

Did you check killer instinct’s ready to install?

yes i checked that as well but the combo pack dlc that i purchased is nowhere to be found…

Is there a number or something I can call to find out how to fix this?

To anyone who cares the dlc thats missing is the season one combo breaker add on

@SaltyInstinct thank you for all your help.

This happens to but sometime too, but usually S2 and 3 that don’t load and I will only have S1, Shago and whoever the free character is. Usually resetting the game or console fixes it for me.

How is your internet connection? I find that sometimes when mine is acting up it will do what you are asking about as well.

Try that

I have tried everything my char have been gone for a month now and I tried contacting xbox they sent me here lol

Tried installing every character individually?

well just spoke with microfags and apparently i dont own the characters so yea i would have to rebuy all season 1 characters over again individually ■■■■■ this game man im not the best ki player but am a die hard fan i still have ki one on snes!!! and still play it but if this is the way things are done then no IRON GALAXY you will get no more money from me and by the way this has happened to others as well check the xbox market place reviews on the game and see

I have a suggestion, maybe if you can prove to Xbox/MSFT support that you actually bought season 1 they can be of much better help. so to prove that you actually bought it you can send them either:

  1. your purchase history with killer instinct season 1 (you can find that [Here] )(https://account.microsoft.com/billing/orders#/)
    or if you cant find it (b/c idk if its just me but my history only goes back to august 2014)
  2. you can copy and paste the purchase confirmation email that you usually get when you buy something.

thats the thing man it came together with season 2 during deals with gold but in my history its marked as season 2 so thats it i cant do anything ever since season one disappeared from the market place its not anywhere anymore

i give up

Ki definitive

yea that one