Lost all my unlocks, stats,... everything

So everything KI related was saved on my external HDD connected to my xbox one.
I had problems with my PC, so i had to disconnect my xbox external HDD and connect it to my PC for some reason.
Now PC problem is solved and i use my external HDD back with my xbox.
I have to download every game that was on it, of course, but when i started KI, i see that i have lost all my progress, 3 years of KI :disappointed:
So, is there ANY option, possibility that i get my saved game back?
Isn’t there a cloud save or something?
Or is everything gone forever???

WHen you log in it should pull that info from Xbox live. Is your saved date from KI gone? Go to manage game and it should show a saved data line and how many files.

@TotalJimkata knows about this stuff, he might can help

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Generally the game syncs with the Xbox servers and downloads your data, try uninstalling the game and trying again. D:

I’ve uninstalled KI and deleted all the related files a dozen times and have never had any issues.

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Yes, what Crimson says… that should work…shouldnt matter where you are or what Xbox you are on. KI runs off Xbox live data…so you can leave your home go to another state, get on an Xbox and sign in with your account, KI DE int eh drive and it should load up all your colors, skins and everything you own.

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Hi, you stuff should be in the cloud from the last time you played KI. Where you presented with anything like can’t sync or taking longer than expected type save message? Did you hit anything that sounds like use offline save?

DM me to keep discussing.

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So the thing is, when i re- attached my external hdd and started up KI, it asked me what save i wanted to sync. I had the choice between 2 saves (???) and i picked the last one, (if i knew that would be the mistake of my life…) so then it started KI and i saw i am back at lv 0, with all characters lv 0, have NO customes for my characters, shadow lords is at 0%…
So i’ve lost everything by picking the wrong save. I hate the cloud save system now.
ps; with forza horizon 3, gears of war 4, tomb raider and other games it synced my saved game without asking me what save i wanted, so everything is back to normal.
Only with KI i lost everything. You can believe how dissapointed i am, i just don’t feel playing KI anymore.
Now a lot of you guys probably say, thats no reason to not play KI anymore, but i feel very sad and dissapointed.

@developers My gamertag is MightyAeron and i have over 26 days of playtime with KI (3 years), 8038 combo breakers, 5244 ultras, 2739 counter breakers over more then 7500 - 8000 matches.
Not only are all my stats gone but i invested real money through KI gold to purchase early acces to costumes.
I feel so sad that i’ve lost everything that i don’t want to play KI anymore. I don’t know why but i was proud of my stats and unlocks to show to my friends and now everything back to zero cause of the cloud save that fucked me over.

Thanks for the additional information on what happened.

I will DM you and see what if anything can be done.