Lost all characters after update (Steam version)

I lost all the characters after the update. I have the Steam version. It was not the free edition, although I had the FULL game as a gift from Steam after a Summer Sale or something like that. I logged out from Steam and logged back again and it didn’t work. I uninstalled the game, didn’t work. Any thoughts or solutions?


Just noting here, were are discussing in a direct message thread.

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Today is Jan 3 and my KI steam took an updated. Everything was there, then the game crashed and after reopened it, I am back to level 1, no skins, inside Steam I can see the progress and achievements but when opening the game it doesn’t. I want to make sure this is address since, I can see this post is from 24days ago and have no response.

Is anyone watching this forum anymore?

Sent you a direct message a few days back, please respond there so I can work through details with you.
And sorry I missed when you originally posted this! Was watching the troubleshooting thread and did not see this one.

No problem thank you for replying, I will check your DM now