Losing Stars

I believe if you’re a star player, you should lose 1 star if you lose to someone lower ranking than you in local and exhibit. Someone with a star was complaining about the way I played and I told him he shouldn’t be making excuses if he had a star. He said it was a bug. Since when were stars bugs? Is there somethinaling I don’t know about?

No, that is a horrible idea.

and yes there was a bug that granted stars to players and that has since been remedied.


Stars were bugged about a month ago, I believe every Killer got one. (Can someone confirm this for me?)

Also no to losing stars in Exhibition, why would that even be a thing when Lobby and Exhibition are supposed to be casual matches with no ranking system attached to them?


I believe it was given to the Killers who were on ranked at the time of the bug. Not actually everyone.

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has it been fixed? is the original poster talking about a match before this month’s rank reset? Or maybe the glitch star has to play ranked before the star is removed?

I’m pretty sure that they fixed it, I’ve played a couple ranked matches and my glitched star has yet to return so that’s good.

yeah, but even last month … some people’s glitched stars were being fixed at different times throughout the month.

can more people chime in? … or maybe in the previous thread about this, don’t wanna derail Drany’s post

How would losing a star by losing to someone in local even work?

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