Losing a promotion match is brutal!

I was part of the killers that were glitched last month to gold despite playing every month. I played gold all the way up to promotion and matched with a 10 star killer. Go figure. I lose the match and then drop 300 points!!! Wasn’t it 150??? What the hell? Maybe this is my calling to leave the game and go play SFV.


Losing a match which leads to the highest player ranking and having to win another 5-6 fights to repeat it is worthy to leave the game?

I hope you are Diamond rank in sfv (or whatever its higher ranking is), otherwise I don’t understand your statement

Suck it up and press on. Its not a big deal. Plus there are like 15 other threads on this issue. SF isnt going to ease your pain I promise you that.

It’s not 5-6 matches to get back to promotion. I lost 300 points meaning that I would have to beat 9 killers consecutively to get to a promotion match. It used to be 150. My complaint is now iI lose 300 points which could be a mix of lower rank players which takes forever to grind. Just sayin. I’ve promoted a couple times before and it wasn’t as brutal. Why change it to lose 300 points in a promotion match??

I agree that it’s pretty stupid. It puts completely random weight to a single random matchup. If you get matched up with a bottom tier gold player and win you are a killer. If you get matched up with a ten pro star killer and lose you are back down to the middle of gold. It makes no sense and is needlessly aggravating.


I agree. I’ve never had the problem of losing a rank up match, but the fact that you are being punished for bad RNG is pretty unfortunate.

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It def sucks, but its not so bad to dismiss the entire game and claim that going to SFV is going to make everything ok. Just keep pushing forward and kick its ■■■!

Well after 80 wins and 17 losses I’m back to killer. The grind was tough but I made it happen. Now the focus is top 32!!


Losing the promotional match, thus losing the 300 points is 11 matches minimum. Facing gold or higher is 30 points a win. Assuming you clean sweep 10 in a row, that puts you at your promotion match. But odds are you don’t face 10 gold or higher in a row or don’t win every match. So 15-20 matches is likely what you’d look at assuming you don’t lose the promotion again. It still takes an hour or 2 and that’s a lot to play through. When you played probably an hour or 2 to get to that promotional match to begin with. Thankfully I didn’t lose my promotional match but all of the times I got reset to gold… Ranked is just a pain, it isn’t really even fun when stuff like that happens. If you’re in gold, honestly it should put you against another high gold or a recent killer. Not a 10 star player. But I tested the requalify thing too, if you win 4 or 5 in a row, you’re guaranteed to face a starred player if there is one in actively in ranked. Which forces you to start Silver sometimes. Better off requalifying for the gold start at that point.

You shouldn’t completely be able to cherry pick ranked matches but, you should be able to turn away matches that you’re just not capable of winning. If something like Tekken 7’s match searching was available, I’d play ranked. But I’ll just play my one a month to keep killer and rather play exhibition. Better sets, can learn if you lose and “hopefully” talk to the player. And leave against bad connections with no recourse.


Great tip man! 4-5 wins in a row is probably where I was at when my promotion match was with a 10 Star. Last night, I believe I lost my 3rd to last fight to promotion match which matched me up with a untouchable gold. I still think it’s random as hell but nevertheless it was fun. I believe I played about 20 mix matches to get to my promotion when I lost my initial promotion match. Qualifiers and bronze wins give you squat points.

After the Go Back to Gold glitch, I had to rank up through Gold three times! I won most of the fights so it wasn’t too hard. My first Pomo match ended up against a Qualifier and I won handedly. The second promo match after I ranked up again was against a guy who was cheating (blatant at that) and I won with just a few seconds to spare.

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Took a while but I made it back to killer after playing on again off again for the past 2 months however, my promotion match was against a qualifier and it counted as my promotion. Why did that happen? Why’s it allowed to happen shouldn’t it be my rank or higher? It honestly made my entire climb feel kind of hallow.


It will pull a Qualifier if they were Gold or Higher previously, I believe.


Oh, well it sure as hell didn’t seem like it but at least that makes me feel a bit better.

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After my initial run from Gold to Killer, i think i lost my promotion match 3 times or thereabouts before i won and got to Killer.

It’s just me and my opinion, but i’m fine with the system as is. The most critical match the system puts on your plate is the promotion match where you can lose around 1/3 of the points you need to promote yourself. But in the meantime, you don’t have to worry about being de-ranked from losing or worry about maintaining a certain number of points of wins. Aside from Killer, if you make it to any specific rank, you’re all but guaranteed to keep it. I feel that trade is pretty generous. But, again, just me.

For those who say it’s too easy to make killer or too many people make it, less than 1% of players that have played the game make killer. Look at the achievement. I say if you ever made killer, you are pretty good at the game and it should not be so punitive for losing a promo match.

Been looking at this thread for a long time and now the team is back and we are doing updates- promotion matches now only lose 100 points (instead of 300)! 66% less penalty.
Plus we updated the win points slightly so you can climb ladders faster.

Read all about this & our Ranked Steam Vs. Xbox/WinPC test running now through 6am PST Monday 2/12/24! Ranked Crossplay Test - February 2024 - Killer Instinct

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