Los Angeles Area Locals

I’m trying to start a regular local gathering for KI in the Los Angeles area. Currently gauging interest which will shape decisions on the location. If you’re in the area and you would go to a local, leave me a comment so i know what the level of interest is like or respond to my poll https://twitter.com/BaalsDepe/status/1407022790310436872?s=20 .

I’ll take ideas on how to spread the awareness tooo :pray:

I got a pretty good response on my twitter poll so i went ahead and did the thing!! https://twitter.com/BaalsDepe/status/1410731135026417667?s=20

DM me on twitter or fb to RSVP.

Deets from the tweetz:
SAT JULY 24th 4pm-9pm Killer Instinct offline! All levels; Training sets & bracket if enough time (depends on # of ppl); Grind & chill! RSVP: DM @baalsdepe

  • 18+ * Glendale, CA. RSVP for address * 20 person cap Bring: ** Driver License/State ID ** Controller