Lore based facts about Orchid!

Doing this cause I’m bored. Have any you want to add then do so.
FACT#1: In the original KI Orchid killed Eyedol winning the tournament. This makes her the first female champion of a fighting game tournament.

FACT#2: With the creation of KI S1 Orchid became the first character to have an air throw.

FACT#3: Orchid is the only character to receive a weapon change in KI have switched from Light sabres to electrified tonfas to laser electrified spring batons.

FACT#4: Orchid’s theme Touch me and i’ll break your face. Was nominated for the G.A.N.G award of best video game pop song vocal of 2013, and WON!

FACT#5: Orchid is the only unlockable character in KI (Jago being free to play on down load)with you getting access to her by getting 50% of the dossiers in Shadow Lords.

FACT#6: In S1 Orchid and Spinal are the only characters with threat levels as unknown. This means that she was able to evade UT so well to the point they couldn’t get a reading on her.

FACT#7: This one is pretty obvious, but when Orchid feld America she decided to reside in war-torn Eastern Europe. That means Orchid is so badass that she decided to live in smack dab in the middle of a War zone.
If anyone has any Facts to add I’d love to hear them. I might do this for other characters too.

FACT#8: Cammy has a mod in SF dedicated to cosplaying as Orchid.

FACT #9: In S3 the requirements for the S1 character endings have Orchid being Ultra’d the most by Jago, Thunder, and Fulgore.(OUCH😯)

FACT #10: In the 90’s comics Orchid was first introduced undercover working for Ultra Tech as TJ’s personal Tech.

FACT#11: Orchid’s color 5 has the word “hot” spray painted on the side. Reminiscent of orchid’s ki 1 outfit.


can ya do one on Riptor?

Nice facts by the way.

If I remember correctly, Jago’s true name is Jacob but Orchid mispelled it and that’s how Jago got his name.

Unless I messed something up.

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No, I believe the story goes that their father’s name is Jacob, but their mother could not pronounce it, so she said Jago. And then they named their son that.


Your wish has been granted, hope you like Riptor’s.