Lore Based Facts About Gargos

Fact #1: Gargos, just like Eyedol got a drastic redesign that also come with a species change. Where Gargos was, as his name suggest a gargoyle (now gargos is a Ichorien) he is now more of a devil looking character. Even to the point Gargos’ color 10 seems to be Satan inspired.

Fact #2: Gargos has two minios know as Izzik and Dretch. Both looks oddly similar to Hades’ minions pain and panic in the disney film Hercules. :thinking:

Fact #3: Gargos is a telepath. He uses this ability when manipulating Kan ra into opening a portal to earth, corrupting Jago and trying to make him kill his sister, and to make Tusk lose his memories.

Fact #4: In the 94 comic Gargos stay desguised as the tiger spirit and his connection to Jago loss. This is defferent to the 94 Game where he is released from limbo after Orchid slays Eyedol, which never gets to happen in the comic cause Eyedol is never destroyed only pushed back to limbo.

Fact #5: In KI2 Gargos is never shown to have canonically be defeated. There are only a couple of ending in KI2 that touches on Gargos’ fate. From those ending it isn’t clear rather he came out on top or Orchid and Jago deafeated him.

Fact #6: Gargos’ stage the astral plane is the only stage to not have a stage destruction by an ultra.

Fact #7: Gargos has some pretty godlike powers, but is not all powerful. The one object he needs to achieve such power is Tusk’s warg-gram.

Fact #8: Gargos actually created his own lanhuage (Gargosian), which is a derivative of the Ichorien language. Gargosian is meant to be a more evil and brutish form.

Fact #9: Gargos have created two forms of life, Omens and Mimics.

Fact #10: The Green fog on mimics seem to be the same fog that emits off the green cracks of Gargos’ body and horns.

Facts #11: Gargos also has a mimic skin, which means he must of made a mimic of himself? :confused:

Fact #12: Gargos’ lvl 50 wings in the customizable section are designed to be peacock
feathers. :rofl:

As always got any more interesting facts share them in the comments. And let me know if you have any request.


How about Tusk next?

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