Lore Based Facts About Eyedol

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Hope you all like it.

FACT #1: Eyedol’s backstory is drastically different in the reboot from KI 94. In the original Eyedol was depicted as a two headed cyclops minotaur hybrid who was a rival warlord to Gargos. However he is first introduced as a human in the reboot. Than later became a ogre who eventually has one head that split into two.

FACT #2 : When Eyedol was human he was one of The Watchmen of the Gods along with Tusk.

FACT #3 : Another connection Eyedol has to Tusk is in one of his special moves. In KI2 Tusk is able to conjure a meteor shower as an ultimate. In the reboot this ability is given to Eyedol as a special move.

FACT #4 : Where as Eyedol doesn’t have a weapon change ■■■■■, his weapon does have a drastic redesign. Instead of being covered in spikes, his mace is decorated with the skulls of people who have tried to kill him. :scream:

FACT #5: Eyedol is one of two characters to have their own quest mission in SL.

FACT #6 : In the 94 KI comic Eyedol is shown to be much bigger than in the games. He’s as big as a giant.

FACT #7 : Being the O.G boss Eyedol gets defeated a lot. However the demise of Eyedol have changed in each iteration of the character. In KI94 he is trapped in limbo by Maya, Tusk, and Kim wu then later slain by B.Orchid. In the 94 comic he is pushed back into limbo by Orchid and Jago. Finally, in the reboot he is trapped in a prison by the Icorchiens with the help of Tusk, and eventually gets his head split into two by Gargos.

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Gargos after this one, please :slight_smile:

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