Looking to learn KI

Hey everyone I’m new to KI I always wanted to give it a try and finally downloaded it. I’m a long time Mk player so I’m not completely lost when it comes to fighting games but I just wanted to come on here and see if anyone was willing to add me and teach me the ropes. Thanks in advance

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Depends on what you’re looking for, really.

I’d love to help, but (not even bragging) I’m one of the best players who frequents these forums, so maybe I’m not a good first choice.

My straight up advice is to make sure you go through Dojo mode and maybe fight some shadows in Shadow Lab to get your feet wet.

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Yea I’ve been going through dojo, which by the way is the best training mode in any game. I haven’t done shadow labs yet but I’ll give it a try. I don’t really care about trial by fire lol so I’ll play you and get beat down idc i usually learn better by playing people better then me anyway I just wanna get a feel for the meta and how I should be playing

Not really up for it tonight, got schoolwork.

Go to the GGs Thread and ask for a match whenever you’re ready, there’s a lot of cool people there just playing matches.

Ok sounds good thanks for pointing me in the right direction

If you’re looking for a general guide, go to ki.infil.net
It’s a great starting point for new players. It covers everything you need to know.

The one of the greatest thing about KI is that it allows for trial and error on the learning curve, and allows you to find what works for you…

My advice would be to go through every character, try and fail, and once you’ve got what works for you, train hard… don’t feel bad about using combo assist at first either, once you have the basics, the rest is just grinding, and the more matchups you get used to, the more you’ll benefit

IAMDaaahhhggg is my Gamertag, I’m no top player but I will be happy to help

Also , when you find a character and need a tutor of some sort, don’t forget to check out this thread!


I actually found that infi guide on here and was looking through it and that has helped alot so far.

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It’s a good guide. It even teaches you how to use the individual characters.

I’ll definitely hit you up sometime to play some games. I’ve been using omen so far he definitely is the most fun for me right now. I tried combo assist and didn’t like it to much and I don’t have to much problems with the inputs. I’ve been in the lab alot and doing the combo breaker training going through each character trying to get the visuals for their moves

Yea it’s definitely one of the best guides I’ve seen for any game and I’ve been using it to see how omen should be played and whats best to use. I’m still at a basic level of gameplay tho I need to work on the counters and when the best time to use instinct

You’ll get better. I recommend watching Maximilian dood, UA Bass, or tournament streams just to see the tactics that everyone uses.

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Question for anyone who knows…how do I record the AI doing stuff I need to work on punishes and different situations

Go to AI options in the pause menu, go to where it says dummy, and switch it to record. You have to own the character in order to record.

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To learn the game, I will reccomend u pick kan ra and mira as mains. They are both very beginner friendly. Dont pick wulf or glacuis, they require high knowledge to play. If u want to win most games easily, pick kim wu or tj combo, they are very good at the game. Dont pick eyedol or gargos, They are gutter trash chars. U can ignore the rest of the cast.


You didn’t even try…

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For the record, @BiyemAssi237 is trolling you.

Play who you want and make your own judgements.


Lol I know I checked out this sites community tier list and looked at the guides as well since in Mk usually you run into alot of top tiers I wanted to atleast practice against some before I jumped online. Thanks for looking out tho

Jago, Sabrewulf, Thunder, Riptor, Tusk, and Rash are all beginner friendly.