Looking for tutor

I wanna be the very best like no one ever was. Ive been doing what i can to improve on my own. Doing doge-o, the tutorial, practicing combos and the like but Im still having problemios.

Spacing, optimum inputs for example, i dont know what i dont know and i dont know how or where i need to improve.

Does anyone feel like showing me how its done? Preferably a shago player but a generalist is just as beneficial.

Hello. I’m free today if you’d like an evaluation. :slight_smile:

To com-bo is my real test, to break them is my caaaause. I will battle, across the land, training all the time. The combo break, to understand, the games that are in miiiiiind. Combo break! Gotta break 'em all (it’s ultra time.) I know it’s my destiny! Combo break, Ohhhhh, you’re es-sen-tial, in the rank I must defeeeend. Combo Break, gotta break 'em all (a read so truuue.) My training will pull me through, you teach me and I’ll teach you, coooombooo breeaak! Gotta break 'em all (gotta break 'em all) COMBO BREAK.


I am the wrong person to offer tutoring for KI but I just wanted to pop in a response to point out to the @developers how useful an online practice mode would be for this type of request.


sure whats your GT? Mine is FGC Slamjam

Well, this site uses XBL gamertags, but with no spaces, so my GT is Galactic Geek - I’ll see you online! :slight_smile: