Looking for "Shadow Lab" friends [Shadow Lords Update]

@UncappedWheel82 @EnderSkye and @Ziarist, I challenged your Shadows. Kind of fun to do this. I’ll challenge everyone who adds me.

BKD coffeedad

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Glad to hear you had a blast! Hopefully my shadows did well and if you beat them then I will work harder to train them!

I just added everyone so I’ll take on your shadows today hopefully. Kinda under the weather but will do my best!

Is there a method to training the shadows or is it just recording after every match?

I’ll get to fighting more shadows this evening.

I am also down for playing regular 1 v 1 matches as well. I want to get better at the game and don’t mind losing. I use…wait for it…Jago. For now anyway. While I’m learning the game. I want to eventually move on to Hisako after I learn the system.

Record your close matches. Matches you pull of correct combo breakers, combos with manuals, combos that you don’t drop, shadow counters, anti-airs, punishes, solid blocking.

Now that seems obvious but it’s not. What a lot of people do is they record the matches that they stomp their opponent. This is no good, the only positive you get out if it is your shadow doing combos that are decent in damage. Outside of that it will teach your shadow to be over-aggressive and wreckless with no defense. Furthermore it very well could be the case that in said matches you make some defensive mistakes (locked out on combo breaker, missed shadow counter), this will lead to your shadow developing bad habits.

So back to my main point you want to record the matches that require you to play well in all aspects of the game not just offense.

I think the best method for training a Shadow is match-up variety, and just generally fighting people who are better, or in my case, strong Shadows.

In the ‘Shadow data’ section of the Lab, you can see what characters your Shadow is most experienced against, and so if you are constantly fighting just Jago V Jago mirrors for example, if I come along with my TJ…your shadow may not know how to deal me.

I’ve really just been fighting the CPU and Shadows as of late, and I’ve been saving after every match where I didn’t make to many mistakes (if I just totally sucked in a fight, I sometimes just forgo the save and move on). Time will tell if this is a viable option for Shadow training.

I’m down for 1v1 matches, but I don’t get on regularly enough to plan anything…and most of the time that I do play, it is while someone else is in the house watching Netflix or something. That is why I’m playing the Shadows mode in the first place really, to get lag-less matches that are still interesting. Just playing the normal CPU gets boring to me.

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Anybody else have an issue where the most recent person added to Friends shows 0 shadows when you go to challenge them? Had that issue after I add BoJima, his Shadow appeared after I added Woopay and Woopay’s Shadow only appeared after I added 4 other people.
Been challenging everyone so far, I’m learning how to play Wulf a lot more defensively, nice to get more frequent Shadow Activity notifications, thank you guys

@DoobyDude23 Can’t say I’ve had that issue. I can say that your Wulf made me go into the listings and challenge like 10 other Wulfs to get more expericne. Wulf has always been a problem for me as I’ve never picked up the character, and still find it tough to break him…I’m getting better though. You Wulf Shadow is a problem. Lol!

@gr1mgr1n84 GGs yesterday! Going back and forth in those revenge match ups was pretty fun! I made some key mistakes taking on your Spinal with my Jago and ended up loosing one of them, which seriously pissed me off. Lol! Your Glacius Shadow seems pretty good to, but I think you may rely on that puddle punch a little to much…:grin:

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I’ll have to start challenging all your shadows now that I’m gonna have some free time. Lol Get ready!

GT is acidchalk please pound on my maya shadow as im trying to see if i can make her better :smile:

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I just added you to my list.

I’m working on that puddle punch it’s just a conditioned response since S1. Gotta break the habit! But yea GGs my spinal is probably my most balanced shadow.

:smile: thanks, I’ve been trying to vary up the attacks as much as possible lately. you should try playing with him for a while, its not too difficult to pick up like some other characters and you can easily learn how to break. I got caught guess-breaking a few times against your TJ, haven’t played against too many of them. If there’s one thing I should tell you, maybe throw in some counter breakers with the recapture combos, they’re the easiest things to break against TJ IMO. GGs, I look forward to learning more from you

Will add @EnderSkye and @AcidChalk later tonight, brings total good Shadows I have to fight up to 10 or so, more than I could ever get in a stretch in Ranked. Shadow Lab is awesome :grin:

It’s honestly quite fun to play Shadows, especially since it gives the lagless style that I can’t easily replicate online (my local tournament scene in Australia’s pretty bare, lol). It’s probably my most played mode in KI right now.

I feel even happier maining omen thanks to you guys. :blush:

It’s good fun, right? I enjoy it a lot but more as a pokemon trainer rather than getting the 100 matches achievement, lol. Wish there were more unlockables in shadow mode…

This is true, I’ve often stared at the Shadow Points in my Lab menu and wondered "What the eff do I do with all these points??"
I started the Shadow Lab to get the achievements, but like @EnderSkye, I can’t get this sort of lagless play in Ranked so now its becoming my go-to mode.

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I got a Sadira and Hisako Shadow… go beat them up! lol Kyomikku

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Just so everyone knows, a person 's forum username is the same as their XBL GT so no need to ask people what their name is.

Go ahead and add me if anyone wants an Aganos challenge!


@gr1mgr1n84 you shadow are cool i see your chanllege againt my shadow … keep going is fun very cool fight against your shodows

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Shadow mode is my new practice mode where I can try things in a real fight setting. So glad it exist cause practice mode can get boring on my own lol

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