Looking for "Shadow Lab" friends [Shadow Lords Update]

Everyone hit me up! I play mainly shadows…everyday.


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Added to my hit list lol! look forward to going against your shadow!

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Lol! this sux. I’ve added everyone here, but I haven’t been able to play the game is like 3 days, and won’t get to play at least until tomorrow…or really late to night. Can’t wait to get on though.

Our shadows will be waiting for ya buddy!

i just add u shujinko didier fight my shadow when u can heheh :smiley_cat:

im goin to beat ur shadow now!!! mercy me for it lol :joy:

done . ur tj combo out the window :grin:.
come take ur revenge man im waiting u

I feel bad that your shadow is harder than the #1 shadow. ;-;

In all seriousness this has been an absolute blast. :3

Very tough to beat your Aria. Very tough.

Not really! lol…i find that our shadows do the craziest things that we would never do! Agree? I wish they were a bit more competitive that there stats lead them to be.

But thank you! Im torn right now on possibly deleting her to add a Shago shadow…because i can never get rid of my Omen shadow!

You should. I deleted my Kan Ra for Shago!

Completely agree. I watched a few replays and clearly because of the lack of human element, there is a lot wrong with how the character is playing. But since there are people who’ve racked up a decent count on their Shadows (Shadows with good gameplay) I guess I’ve just been recording my Shadow wrong?

Been fighting as many of your shadows as I can. Keep challenging my guys please :smile:

Uncapped, Grim, doobey, ender, quan, seems like i fight you guys the most.

Add me everyone!

BKD coffeedad


yeah, Im curious as to what the best trick is to recording shadow points. I wish i knew the exact details as too what goes into each category.

Combo ender and combo variety are hard to determine exactly how to get a good recording on…even though they seem to sound self explanatory… i can do every ender and do different combo content in a match and still get a negative data outcome

If anyone wants to add me I’ll add back for shadow or regular fights. I’m not all that good but I do love the game and am constantly trying to get better. My gamertag is the same as my username for the forums.

My Gt is Rolly2891.
I play a lot of shadows mode and normally fight back anyone that has fought my shadow. Add me or beat up on my shadow if you wish.

@Rolly2891 I’ve got you.

@BKDcoffeedad Good stuff this past weekend. I’ve been practicing that ARIA match-up, trying to learn some new things. Seems my TJ is giving you some trouble now… :blush:

For some reason, every time I try to avenge my loss to your shadow, it says “Failed to Retrieve Shadow Data” after a really long wait. Its a shame too, coz there’s a lot of bounty to be gained from the times you’ve challenged me.

I will add you both. Please fight my Aria, it could use some training…

her is my again my gamer tag Quancro
my shadow RIptor and Cinder …

Your Shago is already so very strong. Enjoyed playing your shadow a lot.

my shadow? I deleted Aria to create a Shago…that might be the reason if your talking about me.