Looking for Sadira mains

I ve stopped playing Ki near the end of season 2 when MKX came out and I would love to get back in the game now with season 3. I was wondering If any Sadira could help me by giving me some pointers about what I should do with her some of her combos, how to use her in the neutral and accept to run some matches with me.

@WebNRaGnArOk is our resident Baedira master.
I’ve got an okay one as well that got me to Killer in January, but I’ve fallen out of practice with most of the S1/S2 cast. :stuck_out_tongue:
I could still try and help if need be, though.

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Her medium kick is her best poke on the geound. Over all though, you might want to stay in the air and thow light heavy or medium webs. Learn how they space you and play with it. All of them place you in different locations. After that learn that you can make her medium web safe by doing heavy kick. Sadira only has her cross ups to carry her so heavy kick will become your bestfriend. Always stat on top of your opponent and fake them out with the double jump and cross them up.

I was one sadira main too but and happy to ear about u . She’s not more what u knew from her . Now she’s been killed overall in damages and we are forced to jump more to do more juggle who don’t even do difference I’m damage (I don’t see the utilities ) and she’s been limited too in some movement. Many difficulties for nothing. Better look at hisako ,tusk,arbiter ,rash or kimmy gonzales (Kim wu) cause now with sadira that’s a endless fight to kill a opponent . Battle take too long even with good damages juggles… good luck now u can compare sadira to the aganos S2 .or maya S2 but u have to work more

You can add me for some games. GT = Forumname. I’m not that active lately, but if you see me online and happen to see me playing anything but exhibition matches, feel free to invite me. I play Sadira(main), Hisako and I’ve picked up Kim-Wu but I am nowhere near decent with her yet. Haven’t really got into Hisako as of S3 either.

I prefer playing longer sets and usually play 10 games with one characer, then switch it up and I don’t mind a big skillgap, be it in my advantage or disadvantage.

Sadira has some of the best mobility in the entire game because unlike some characters (Cinder) she can control where she moves with great precision.

Here’s an old vid of me playing against a really good Kan Ra.

It’s really important to know the strengths of Sadira’s Widow’s Bite (WB).

LWB is great for stuffing DPS if performed during a nuetral Double Jump. It’s also great for keep opponants from charging you. It can also be used as an opener if followed by a standing MK or HK. LWB is also good for juggles within air combos.

As seen here:

MWB is Sadira’s bread and butter tool for mix ups. You can use it several different ways, but also be warned that it is also one of her most risky moves, especially if the other player has a dp charged and ready. I use it in throw mix ups as well as mid combo mix ups.

HWB is mainly used to add a few extra hits to the end of an areal combo. You can use it bring you closer to your opponant, just be weary if they have meter, since it can be easily shadow countered.

I also mix and match all three to give me space and make the other player not rush me.

Another incredibly important Sadira trait is her Instinct. It is quite possibly one of the most dangerous ones in the entire game, even after its nerfs. During Instinct Sadira gains the ability to jump cancel normals (and specials) and can drop a web. Placing webs within combos (replacing a manual or auto) creates incredibly hard to break combos. In most cases, if the other player isn’t quick on their toes, I will take an entire life bar within Instinct. The smart ones will either cancel into their own Instinct to avoid the web or run until her Instinct is drained, cause if you get caught, I will end you. :slight_smile:

The above is a really good match I had against a Hisako player. I use pretty much all the tech that I’ve listed in this match, especially some really scary Instinct stuff.

In S3 Sadira gains a damage Ender as well as Salticide. They take a bit to get used to, but once you start getting the groove she’s even scarier than before (even with the damage nerfs).

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Hi there. New killer Instinct player here looking to main Sadira. I’m trying to come up with some ways to use jump cancels and webs in her instinct combos.

Whenever I try to use a web after a linker I get the web and a heavy auto double at the same time when I press HP+HK. Is this intended? Does anyone have any instinct combo videos to get me started with some ideas?

Firstly, if you are getting a Heavy Auto Double, then you are release the web too soon. In order to get a web and nothing else, you have to use it with manual timing.

I’ll make some cool vids and show you how I use webs later on today.

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Ok that makes sense I will give that a try later today. Thanks for the quick response and can’t wait to see your Instinct videos!