Looking for Other Fightpad for Xbox One! (No MKX Pdp)

I’ve always wanted to be a Pad player as well as a Fightstick player, but I would like to start small. So, Is there ANY Fightpad for Xbox One? There are tons for Xbox 360, but none for One.

EDIT: They do have the MKX PDP one, but I’ve been hearing nothing but bad reviews. :frowning:

They did. Pdp made one based off mkx and it works for both 360 & xb1.

But that one isn’t that good. IMO. I’ve heard tons of bad reviews and people saying it breaks easy.

okay, but you asked if there are ANY fightpads. You should have mentioned that your looking for other ones. The only other fightpads you can get are the 360 pads and get the cronusmax to use them.

Ok. Changed the topic and edited OP to reflect my question. Thanks!

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CronusMax may give you some trouble with Tournament legality… not that these converters are guaranteed legal, but they have no ability to program/macro… so maybe give these a shot?


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Oh wow. I could use this. Not just for Fightpad, but Like if I’m ever in a MKX Tourney, I could use this to swap…Cool. Thanks!

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