Looking for critique. Who is down for games?

I want to do some sets with non-ranked players. I think ranked is giving me bad habits.
First to 5/10 etc.

I’m on now but scheduling is okay too

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I could play a little some time, but I’d have to schedule it.

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Let me know what works. I’m free pretty much anytime until Thursday evening when I have to work again

What time zone are you in? Likely, I’ll be able to play a little in the evenings, but those hours will be different depending where we are at.

Central. Austin

Well, that makes this a tad bit easier. How about some matches tomorrow (Tuesday 5-24-22) at 7 PM? Or do you have something better in mind?

I’m usually not available till 430 most days, if that helps. I also don’t like to overload so I don’t really do mega long sessions. So if we do anything, I probably won’t go for more than a two hour stretch at a time.

Tomorrow should work. Would Wednesday be an option? I think I have something tomorrow evening but I can’t remember… but for now tentatively Tuesday should work.

An hour of abuse is probably all I will be able to take :joy:

The goal that I have in mind has come out of the session with three takeaways for me to work on…

I seem to be getting worse ( win rate decreased by about 3%} and I’m not sure if it’s due to experimentation, branching out and playing more characters for fun or perhaps that I’m just the worst. :man_shrugging:

I’m trying to step it up since all I do is play this God ■■■■ game

If Wednesday would work better, yeah I’ll play then, just let me know.

Okay let’s do Wednesday and just to confirm that’s Central Time 7:00pm?

I appreciate it looking forward to it

Yeah, sounds cool to me. I’ll be there.

Done. I appreciate it.

Thought I’d pass this along to you to expand on what I told you last night. Hope it helps, and you can look up other useful terms as well.

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