Looking for Artists, Can anyone Help me?

I am looking for artists to do some artwork on my Tessen Wielding Character named Mizumi Han, I truly need someone to pull it off, whoever can, I will be very happy, her description is below for her default and Retro

Mizumi Han’s Appearance: For her Default, She has long White hair in a ponytail and a bang over her left eye. She is Wearing a black croptop with blue flower petals that go into a midriff where she wears a white sash with a bow on her back that hold her fans, she then wears a Black and Blue skirt that have black shorts underneath them. She also Wears thigh high Stockings and blue knee high socks with a pair of black Karate shoes. She also wears a pair of long black gloves that stop at her Elbows. Her tessen fans have a Black dragon pattern with a White backround.

Her Retro has her white hair in a partial Bun while the rest go down to the back of her neck. She wears a Pink and Black floral Geisha gi that goes down to her waist with a Blue Obi going around her tied in a bow on the back that hold her fans. She wears underneath it a Pair of white Kung Fu pants with knee high Black socks and white Geisha Heels. She also wears a pair of Long Blue gloves that go up to her upper arms and stop below her shoulders that have two blue bows on them. Her fans have Pink petals with a black backround. She also wears Geisha Makeup in her retro

please post them here or send them to me if you can pull it of, Thanks in advance

A lot of artists on DeviantArt take requests like that-

But most of them ask for some “$$ make me happy $$”, which is totally worthy.

True. but as an artist it IS work, unless it’s personal fan art-

Cinnabon won’t craft a delicious treat for free lol


so my asking is all for nothing?

Not at all! I just think you should try more sources.

Maybe @MandrillManiac can help

My father doesn’t do commissions or request’s :confused:

The things I post are just part of friendly project we do. It’s a hobby.

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Yes I told him to try deviantart

Oh yeah.

That’s a probably a good place to start.

Personally I don’t think a forum is gonna give much help and it’s not a really good place to ask for this kinda stuff IMO.

Might try Tumblr or Deviant art.

But good luck @HUMANHUNTER205


Honestly, people who ask an artist to do work for free are people who artists spend their time memeing and making fun of. I can’t tell you how many artists I’ve seen on Twitter who have posted email conversations with people asking for free work. I’m sure there is someone who will draw it for you. But you have to be prepared to be that guy.


My wallet and my gallery know it IS work, that’s why I alerted him to prepare a “$$ make me happy $$”.


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You can always get a girlfriend/boyfriend who is an artist! :grin:

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Really you should only be asking for this if you’re ready to pony up the cash for it–for your sake as well as the people you’re asking. You’ll waste a lot of time trying to find someone to do it for free, and none of the artists want to deal with MORE people asking them to work for free.

“I love you Peter”
“Really, Lois?”
“Nah, but your drawings are cool and I have great ideas which needs to be drawn”
“You really know how to kill the mood, honey”


You want good quality work. Gotta pay, which in my scenario, I’m fine with that. Since I’ve got lovely works of art. Both SFW and NSFW. It’s wonderful. Sure it costs money…but what else am I gona spend it on?

Just learn to draw for your own, you’ll get to draw your own characters and pick up a nice skill to have. Its not that hard, just learn some basic human proportion tips, some quick and to the point muscle anatomy research, a quick lesson on shadows and lighting and bam, you can now draw at a decent level.

Mark Crilley has some great drawing videos if you’re looking to learn. His books are really good too.

I am curious as to why you’re asking this in atopic related to Killer Instinct?..why not the general forums?

It was involving artwork so it made more sense that way