Looking for a mentor

Hey guys, new here as you can see.
I am a veteran fighting game player and I am looking for a mentor to get me into high level KI with orchid.
I tried to go to the KI Academy thread but I got no replies :slight_smile:

Gamertag - pH34rZx

Try this:

As I said in my post, tried the KI academy, no reply by the people there =x

Let me know who it was so i can talk to them.



This should help a lot. I’ve also got a decent Orchid so message me if you want.

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Sure, add me on xbox/pc (gamertag same as my name ^^)
already read the guide, had some games with fluttershy and got alot better XD

I have annOrchid but she’s very very sneaky, and rather unapologetic -

I’d be your casual if you’d like to get tips on hair to make em salty mad!