Looking for a fight

I just started playing KI, I been watching since the beginning but never had the chance to play it, unfortunately the KI community is not as big as it was at the beginning, obviously, and I can’t find any players online to fight with, I’m from México, probably that is the main reason I can’t find anyone to play with online, my question is, is there a way to set up the online matchmaking to search world wide and not local or just near regions? because I think I can’t find anyone to fight with online because there is nobody playing near to my region, or what could it be? I’m new to this I’m not sure how it works. Any help or advice would help doods. (I’m a PC player)

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Use the Xbox “Looking for groups” feature. That will link you up with people in certain KI groups in Xbox live communities.

Also look in the “Good Games” thread on here and just ask people for matches.

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Looks like a problem of pc setup when looking for players. I’m from Argentina and have been matched with players from here to Canada (not sure If I’ve ever been matched with people from EU or other places across the sea).
There’s still people playing! so you should be able to find matches =) (at least ranked, haven’t tried exhibition much). If not, you can find players in the GGs thread, to arrange matches and eveything.


Parece un problema del set up en tu pc que te restinge la búsqueda online. Soy argentina y no tengo problemas para encontrar peleas y me hace jugar con gente de esta región como de USA ( no creo que el juego tenga bloqueo de región) . Todo esto en igualadas, no juego mucho ehibición si no conozco a la persona o no arreglé antes para jugar.
En México hay players de KI, podrías buscar un grupo local o incluso por facebook.
También en el thread de GGs se busca gente aquí en los foros para jugar =)

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I thought it did that already. I’ve got buddies that I play I Spain, Brazil, england, and I’m in the US.

thanks i’ll try it dood

yea is weird that I can’t find anybody to play online, don’t know how to change the set ups directly on the pc, i’ll check the GGs thread, I’m new at this forum, not sure how GGs thread works but i’ll definitely try it

Look for “problems finding a match in pc”.
If it doesn’t let you connect to people at all then there must be some kind of issue =S

here you go…

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yea right? and I been trying for two days, thanks dood i’ll try it

woo thanks dood! I see now, I’ll definitely go there

Im on now if you want to play FT5