Long Set - Aganos vs. Shadow Jago

Lots of good stuff here. Willing to talk about how this match felt overall. Honestly, first impressions made me think that the match up is very winnable. You have to be patient though.


Thanks for posting. Now, I haven’t watched the whole vid just yet, but the opening of this matchup seems fairly common. I immediately noticed that we handle shago’s continuous fireballs differently. So… if it’s worth anything, here’s how I handle it. I’m open for discussion/feedback/comments.

So the thing about the flick (that many of us may already know) is that unless your timing is super tight, you risk taking damage from mistimed flicks. Of course if the flicks are successful he doesn’t get to build meter. Against other characters, I totally get flicking and advancing closer especially with chunks, but shago’s fireballs are so fast. I’ve had easier matches against most “fireball throwers” when I simply block the fireballs, take their low chip damage, but build meter. Then s.Ruin becomes a much bigger damage threat on the next fireball. (Especially with a wall). This is probably just a small friendly reminder for most, but here’s a video of what I mean.


(side note - is there a way to have onedrive videos embedded in a forum post? It seems only youtube vids get embedded, while the onedrive vids are only hyperlinked. Am I missing how to do this or are hyperlinks the only forum solution for onedrive vids?)

Again, thanks for posting and I certainly look forward to watching the entire video! :smile:

So…many…losses… Aganos losing… Induces… Heartbreak :’’’(

It was the first day Shadow Jago came out…