Long Range Attackers

I believe in order for this game to be great again, long range zoning players attacks need to reduced to rushdown attacks. How is a rushdown character supposed to close in on Gargos and 2 minions? Glacius Ice Lance needs to be a close up stab now. Not across the mid screen stab.


when i saw the title of this thread i thought it said “Lone Ranger Attackers”

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Ummm…ok I’m kinda confused so I’ll break this down a bit.

So according to you, the only way to make this game “great again” is for “zoning players attacks to be reduced to rushdown attacks”. What do you mean by this exactly? Are you talking about only zoner characters turned into rushdown variants? What about fireballs? How can you turn them to close range? A little more explanation can go a long way.


  1. Use a teleport
  2. Use a projectile/ shadow projectile
  3. Jab in portal punch gaps
  4. Walk slowly
  5. Jump (unsafe option)
  6. Use a projectile invincible attack
  7. Probably some specific character attack

Why exactly? What’s so wrong with it now? How can it being a short range stab incorporate into his “zoner/pressure rushdown” gameplay".

Also remember that all games need diversity, not only in cast but in gameplay as well.


I love this picture. Lol.

SF5 may be perfect game for you.


Shh, no @FallibleJoker14!


He isn’t ready for guile.

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Zoners have bad matchups too. Either learn them or figure out How to deal with them.

I’m the zoner. I don’t play rushdown or closeup characters.

Keep in mind that I’m The one Who is playing the zoning character. I just want these closeup players who can’t get in close to stop fighting me so boringly.

So…it seems like if you’re playing the zoning character and the rush down character is having a hard time getting in you’re doing exactly what a zoning character is supposed to do. I don’t seem to get what you are asking for? :confused:

Then you’re doing what you’re supposed to and its nothing wrong with it in the slightest.


Ok, but you do know there are many ways for a rushdown to get in close where he is at an advantage. It’s not like it’s impossible to get in.

Also, would you mind answering the questions I asked, it would help me understand your way of thinking a lot more.

(If it’s a trap like @Dayv0 said well excuse me for going along with it)

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If it’s so boring that you are zoning other players out, pick someone that isn’t rushdown then…

Ey let’s check that hilarious-obvious-bait thread about “long range attackers”



If you’re talking about Complete Strangers then I can’t help you there. If you’re talking about people who you play Regularly then teach them… obviously to do that you would need to know how to beat you’re own Zoning Strategies… Pick Thunder or Shinsako and see if theres ways to deal with Zoners.

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  1. Even if a character teleports, zoner boners will keep moving away. Teleporters are vulnerable right after teleporting.

  2. Can’t depend on projectiles too much, zoner boners, especially Glacius, can Instinct when enough projectiles have been hit at him.

  3. I have no idea what you mean by this. We can hit Gargos’ hands?

  4. Walking slowly is the most logical, but there is a timer.

  5. Just as you said, jumping is unsafe. Whenever a rush downer jumps I anticipate it. Especially unsmart Sadira players. Jump kicking as a zoner boner and always getting a hit feels accomplishing.

  6. Not everyone has projectiles. This is very sad for Sabrewulf.

  7. Not everyone who is a rushdown fighter has a special attack that’ll help get in close. These include Sabrewulf, maybe Tusk, and Orchid (I don’t think grenades are that dependable. )

Do you…expect us to take you seriously?

Almost everything else you said was literally just wrong, and I’m not going to waste my time shutting all your points down.