Long breaker window

Just something i encountered in a set recently. Its gotta be intentional (i dont get why) but i did not know the breaker window after light dragon kick was THIS long…

Any technical players care to chime in?

I’m more worried about why the Shadow shoulder rush didn’t connect on you

I have no idea why the break window would be that long. I assume it is intended to be DC’d, and so has major potential drawbacks so as to encourage such utilization (and avoiding it in combo otherwise), but I’m probably talking out of me arse.

They didn’t press the button again, it was just EX.Dash.

You have to press a second button on shadow shoulder rush? That doesn’t sound right to me, but I don’t use Tusk so idk

Yeah, you have to press a button again for shadow spirit step to have a hitbox.

Lol. That does seem like quite the break window on light dragon kick - I feel like I’ve gotten timing lockouts for trying to break that late.

I play too much KI…

I wanted to find that replay and count just how many frames that gap actually is. Trouble being, i lost that replay since KI only holds a limited number of them…That set wasn’t even that long ago :frowning:

Now im legit curious if that gap extends to other parts of her dragon kick juggles…