Logitech gamepad support (suggestion)

Hello community

I have just downloaded the game, and i was eager to play it
until i was at the control section and i was somehow disappointed that i couldn’t select my gamepad just only my keyboard
then i read in window 10 shop that it only support xbox360 controller

so my question/suggestion is

please support Logitech gamepad it will be highly appreciated

I am having the same problem, I can usually circumvent the issue by using x360 but thanks to there being no reliable way to access the Exe or place the x360 within that same folder, I am unable to use a controller. I have no interest in paying for anything if I am forced to play with a keyboard.

I’d appreciate Logitech support as well.

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nice that someone have the same thing as me, i did try 2 fights with keyboard but meeh it sucks big time

Really? I can use all my controllers just fine except x1 controllers since they are crap. All my Logitecs work. Even my Micro works.

really i can’t enable the controller in settings only keyboard is highlighted

anyone else who wants this ?