Live-Action Dead Space Movie?

A new live-action Dead Space movie anytime soon now? :slight_smile: :grin:

honestly they should just do animated, not live action. its gonna be a CGI ridden ■■■■ fest because nobody wants to do practical effects much anymore

That reply from John Carpenter’s office means nothing, I’m afraid.

A shame this didn’t pan out. I’d have LOVED to have seen a live-action “Dead Space” movie.

Just because something is CG doesn’t mean that it’s $hit. Whether it’s CGI or practical effects, it doesn’t matter - they’re tools. What matters, along with the script, is how they’re utilized and how effectively they are done, the quality of the effects. There are just as many awful films featuring bad practical effects as there are bad CG films. Ideally speaking, I’d love it if they made it all practical, if not a mix of both, but so long as the resulting movie is good, if not great, it shouldn’t matter how the effect is achieved.

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