LION dossier is opened

I played shadow lords with the tiki guardian. First i get the tiki guardian dossier en 2 matches later the lion guardian dossier. Normally you can have this only if you play it with Lion guardian. Or am i wrong?You can see what the lion guardian is :blush::blush:


I wish it were Jaguar guardian

Since the lion guardian pack appeared and bought the pack I’ve been trying to unlock both normal and crimson dossier, but I’ve only unlocked the crimson one, and now (before starting a new topic I searched for one and) I read you unlocked the normal one using the tiki? … anyone else having trouble to unlock the normal lion dossier or also unlocked it with the tiki?.

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Yes indeed. It was unlocked when i was played with the tiki guardian. It was very strange. Maybe a bug or something? I unlocked it in May. The lion guardian wasn’t playable. It came end June

I’m with you on that one- the normal Lion dossier won’t unlock for me too. I wonder if it’s a bug? :lion:


Confirmed, I’ve got it while playing with the Tiki, 99% sure it’s a bug, if anyone else confirms it’s unlocked when the Tiki was assigned, then I hope I.G. fixs it in the next patch, until then all we have to do is play with the Tiki for the Lion’s dossier.

Double confirmed- I just unlocked the Lion Dossier with the Tiki too, and now I’ve got all of the Guardian files!

Huh. Now that I pause to consider it, I’m at 79%, and that Golden Gargos feels like it’s a long way away… :sweat_smile: